Louisiana BESE Candidates

Below are State wide offices that are up for election on October 22, 2011. Races where the winning candidate does not receive at least 50 percent plus 1 of the vote will be carried over to November 19, 2011; at which time the top 2 vote getters will have a run-off. (We gathered and verified these names but you should check with your local elections off for verification.)

Louisiana has an open primary system.


BESE District 1

Lee BarriosNo Party
James ‘Jim’ GarveyRepublican
Sharon W. HewittRepublican

BESE District 2

Louella P. GivensDemocrat
Pamela ‘Pam’ MatusNo Party
Kira Orange JonesDemocrat
Ferdinand WallaceJr.Democrat

BESE District 3

Lottie Polozola BeebeRepublican
Glenny Lee C. BuquetDemocrat

BESE District 4

Walter C. LeeRepublicanUnopposed

BESE District 5

Keith GuiceDemocrat
‘Jay’ GuillotRepublican

BESE District 6

Elizabeth ‘Beth’ MeyersRepublican
Charles E. ‘Chas’ RoemerIVRepublican
Donald SongyDemocrat

BESE District 7

Dale BayardRepublican
Holly BoffyRepublican

BESE District 8

Russell ArmstrongDemocrat
Jimmy ‘Jim’ GuilloryNo Party
Carolyn HillDemocrat
Domoine D. RutledgeDemocrat


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