David Lewis (R-OH-8)

David Lewis (R-OH-8)

David Lewis Congressional Candidate Ohio District 8

Biography of David Lewis from David Lewis for Congress

David Lewis is a devout Christian, Tea Party leader, and Pro-Life leader. David has a BS in Information Technology from the University of Cincinnati. David’s goal is to make it a criminal act to kill a child from conception until birth.

David believes that law and human rights come from the only solid foundation, God. The Word of God, including the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount, is the foundation that America and the Bill of Rights rests on.

David puts principle before party. David was recently arrested at both John Boehner’s (R) and Harry Reid’s (D) offices over government funding of businesses that murder children. David’s only allegiance is to God and cannot be swayed by party, individuals, or interest groups.

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