A Romney- Rubio GOP ticket would be devastating for Obama-Biden

Mar 23, 2012 by Ed Farnan

A Romney- Rubio GOP ticket would be devastating for Obama-Biden

Mitt Romney’s incredible organizational skills have made all the difference in this campaign season. These skills have kept him to the top of the field in the GOP Presidential race. None of the other candidates have the same built in political infrastructure in the remaining states to surmount Romney s lead in delegates. None of the remaining GOP candidates can match Romney s financial firepower, the mother’s milk of politics, as the race heads towards delegate rich states.

Fresh off his impressive win in Illinois, Mitt Romney is counting delegates and taking names…for Vice President.

Knowing that Mitt Romney is a planner and strategist of great accomplishment, it would be impossible to think that he hasn’t already given thought to who he would select as a running mate if he secures the GOP nomination. In fact I would suspect he has already thoroughly vetted who his choices would be, since as an accomplished businessman-Governor, he knows that preparation and perspiration are keys to success.

Of course there is still a long way to go and you can never count anyone out in politics, but it doesn’t hurt to speculate and the recurring name that keeps surfacing for the Vice president position, is Senator Marco Rubio.

Senator Rubio is a hugely popular rising star in the GOP, he swept his way into office as a straight speaking, principled candidate, who is a favorite of the Tea Party and appeals to millions around the country regardless of party affiliation. His appeal as a younger face of the GOP would be a draw for millions of younger voters who can identify with him. Not only would Senator Rubio, by virtue of his personality and charisma add a huge new dimension to the Romney ticket, it would deliver the all important state of Florida.

He also knows what the tyranny of communist regimes bring, both his folks are Cuban Americans, so he has a great appreciation for what America stands for to those around the world. A Catholic and as an American of Cuban descent, he has great appeal to the millions of Hispanic voters who will play a key roll in the upcoming Presidential campaign.

With three years of President Obamas leadership the nation is struggling and people are looking for change. Governor Romney s great experience in the private sector as well as his experience leading a state as its chief executive, put him in a unique position to turn the country around and make it into the job creating juggernaut that it can be.

If Governor Romney secures the GOP Presidential position, the most devastating Vice President nominee he could add to the ticket, for the Obama campaign, would be Senator Rubio. Articulate, principled and honest, he is able to speak extemporaneously, without the need for a teleprompter, he could easily carry the message to all 50 states.

Ed Farnan: An American with Irish roots living in California. Took an interest in politics when politics took an interest in me. Follow Ed on  also catch his regular post on Irish Central

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  1. Dennis Carstens

    Not only has Mitt Romney proven himself to be the most skilled organizational planner of the GOP candidates but let’s look at Rick Santorum for a minute. This person wants to be President of the United States but can’t get himself organized enough to get on all of the ballots in all of the states or even in many districts where he has been running. And he is trying to convince people he is ready to take on the most difficult job in the history of the planet. President of the United States. Being POTUS isn’t just a title or a position, it’s a job and there is absolutely nothing in Santorum’s background or experience to indicate he is even remotely ready for it.

  2. Glen Hilton

    Mitt is very smart at choosing who will be the Vice President. I know that he has mulled over a lot of names during his campaign, and when the time comes he will choose wisely. The Individual will have to be one who can enhance the office of Vice President and be the leadership individual that will bring about the changes in how our Government works. He will be the right arm of the President in all matters. I will not try to guess whom he will choose at this time; we will just wait and see. I am sure by now the list is short and the individuals who were on the list should not be sad because they were not chosen. Just think of all the names who did not get on a list. As for Mr. Santourm he has an ego as big as K-2 and the skills of that grade in school as well. He has become an man obsessed with something he wants for the status and not for the good of the people. His record while Governor was bad and I can’t understand how people just think he is the best thing sense (P-B & J.) Well he is his own worst night mare and he has the staff to prove it; as where they come up with their Math is beyond anything I have ever witnessed. Things will soon show just how Mitt will take the nomination and then we can move on to tackle the real problem. Obama.!!!!!!!!!! and his staff.


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