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Ken Lee


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Ken Lee Congressional Candidate Pennsylvania District 4


Biography of xxx from the Committee to Elect Ken Lee

Born and raised in Mercersburg, Franklin County, PA, Ken Lee is a nationally recognized attorney who specializes in complex commercial litigation on behalf of businesses in industries including infrastructure construction, insurance, government contracts, inter-governmental relations, banking, real estate and several others, often taking on the government. Recently, Ken won cases to protect taxpayers in one of the nation’s largest municipal Bankruptcies and Receiverships.

Ken’s experience in representing businesses gives him a unique understanding of the economy and how it works. In addition, Ken is part owner in a successful firm, which employs over 150 people.

Ken’s community involvement includes being a board member of The National Civil War Museum, the Allocation Committee of the United Way of the Capital Region, the Scholarship Committee of Executive Women International, the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the Cumberland Valley High School Marching Band, the Cumberland Valley High School Musical and youth soccer.

As a child, Ken’s parents taught him that doing what’s right is more important than doing what’s easy. As an attorney, Ken has made a career of doing the right thing for his clients. Whether it’s protecting municipal taxpayers, making sure the rights of working Pennsylvanians are protected or helping businesses take on the government and prosper, Ken isn’t afraid to take on anybody and do what’s right.

Ken graduated from The Mercersburg Academy, earned a Bachelors Degree from Gettysburg College as well as a Masters Degree from Villanova University, and attained his Law Degree from the University of Pittsburgh. Ken is 51, single and currently lives in Camp Hill (Hampden Township), Cumberland County, Pennsylvania with his teenage daughter, Samantha.

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