John McDonald (R-CA-9)

John McDonald Congressional Candidate California District 9

John Othniel McDonald (R-CA-9)

Biography of John McDonald from JOHN MCDONALD FOR CONGRESS

John is the proud father of four girls

  • Charity – 20
  • Heather – 18
  • Katelyn – 15
  • Melody – 12

He is a husband of 21 years to Jennifer.

He was born in Orange County 43 years ago and has always appreciated the beauty and entrepreneurial spirit of California.  He received his electrical engineering degree from the University of Washington but has since returned to California to work start-ups in the Silicon Valley.  As VP of Marketing he has had 3 consecutive successful start-ups, creating over 1 billion dollars of new market capitalization over the last 10 years – an outstanding record of success.

During his numerous business trips overseas he has seen the how American companies are abused overseas only to return home and see how they are mistreated domestically as well. It is no surprise to John that our economy is in the state it’s in. Irresponsible and incompetent government is destroying prospects for future generations and John is running to do his part in stopping that.

John also understands the importance of values as a lifelong committed Christian, staunch pro-lifer and proponent of conservative values.

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  1. Tanvir Singh

    This man and his little group are as dishonest as they come. He certainly does not act like a Christian.


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