Jim Berns (Lib-OH-1)

Jim Berns (Lib-OH-1)

James ‘Jim’ A. Berns

Jim Berns Congressional Candidate Ohio District 1

This Biography of Jim Berns was pieced together and from Meetup.


Wife: Kathy;

9 Children: Weslee, John, Brian, Aaron, Jeremy, Jason, Annalisa, Tommy, Cassy

Home City:

Cincinnati, OH

Political Experience:

Candidate, United States House of Representatives, District 1, 2010

Campaign Manager, Anti-Tax, Citizens for Responsible Goverment Spending, 1985-1990

Candidate, Libertarian Party, 1985, 1986, 1989, 1990

Below is from Meetup.

Jim Berns 9 times Libertarian Candidate in the 80s in Cincinnati. I live in College Hill and Running in the Libertarian Primary for Congress for the First District Ohio.

Previously ran for UC Congress twice, State Rep Twice School Board 3 times Cincinnati City Council Twice. Defeated several tax ballot issues.

Economic recovery/jobs Legalize drugs probably tax and regulate. Get drugs with prescription from Pharmacy Restore world to gold standard.

Considered myself a Libertarian for about 40 years. I am a Life member of the National and State Parties, former Chair of Hamilton County.

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