Scott Grimes (Ind-PA-14)

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Scott Grimes


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Scott Robert Grimes

Scott Grimes Independent Congressional Candidate Pennsylvania District 14


Biography of Scott Grimes from Scott Grimes for Congress

“My name is Scott Robert Grimes and I am offering my fellow citizens of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania a sane alternative this coming November. I am a non-affiliated congressional candidate, meaning that I will not hide behind a national political party’s agenda. I am also not accepting a single dollar in campaign donations to show that my political beliefs and allegiances cannot be bought. I am an average working class citizen that shares many people’s frustration with our current government. I want to show people across the United States that anyone with enough desire, will, and dedication, that a formidable campaign for a national political office can be staged. I truly believe that anyone can participate in government if they so choose, after all this is supposed to be a “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” I am 29 years of age and a student at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in communication and rhetoric. I have been employed in the service industry for over a decade and believe that my experience in customer service will benefit me greatly. My work has afforded me a great opportunity to speak with and more importantly listen to thousands of people in our region. I understand their concerns, and know what issues are important to them here in Pittsburgh. I would be absolutely honored for the opportunity to serve and represent my fellow Pittsburghers as your congressman.”

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