Kim Letke (D-MD-1)

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Kim Letke


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Kimberly “Kim” Letke


Kim Letke Congressional Candidate Maryland District 1


Biography of Kim Letke from the Committee to Elect Kim Letke


Kim Letke has over 20 years of experience in working with government contracts. She has seen the support for small business owners, and the large Business owners in tax reform. Kim Letke supports consumers protection laws and has watched the consumer laws dwindle.. It is Kim’s goal to fortify laws that support business owners as well as consumers.

Working along the same lines as Elizabeth Warren, Kim wants to fortify consumer protection laws as they relate to small business owners to prevent unfair lending and foreclosure practices that stunt the growth of our economy. She will fight just as hard to prevent American families from losing their homes on the basis of unfair lending processes. Kim will fight for small business consumer laws to save a small business owners home if the business fails The days of Wall Street taking precedence over Main Street are over.
Kim Letke will work with the banks to give more Mico Loans to small Mom and Pop shops.

The American Dream should be realized through hard work and ingenuity. Kim Letke believes that the government should make this process easier, not harder. She will fight for your right to the American Dream.

Now Lets get something done and vote for Kim Letke for Congress.

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