Jack Cunningham (R-IL-11)

Jack Cunningham (R-IL-11)


John Andrew “Jack” Cunningham

Jack Cunningham Congressional Candidate Illinois District 11


Biography of Jack Cunningham from Cunningham for Congress.


Public Service

  • Kane County Clerk since 2002
    • Fmr. Commissioner of Public Property
    • City of Aurora – Elected 2 terms/8 years
    • Successfully managed 100 + employees
    • 5 departments and approx. $2 million budget annually

Private Sector

  • Attorney in Private Practice – 27 years
    • Fmr. Sugar Grove Village Attorney
    • Civil and Criminal Justice Experience
  • Successful Entrepreneur – Owner – Seneca Marine Industries and Hidden Cove Marina since 1981
  • Real Estate Broker – Licensed since 1973


  • President and Chairman of Board of Multi-Branch State Bank – 1997-2000


  • H.S. East Aurora; B.A. Political Science, Chicago State
  • University; M.A. Masters in Business and Public
  • Administration, Governor’s State University;
  • J.D. Lewis College of Law; J.D. Northern Illinois University

A Community Servant:

  • Aurora Navy League – Adjutant General
  • Fmr. Board Member – Community Contacts, Inc.
  • John Ericsson League of IL – Vice – Chairman
  • Aurora Civil Service Commission – Past Chairman
  • Fmr. University Policeman – Northern IL University
  • Board of Directors of National Association of Clerks and Recorders

A Dedicated Republican:

  • Elected Republican Precinct Committeeman – 22 years
  • Aurora Township Republican Party – Fmr.Vice – Chairman
  • Kane County and Aurora Township Young Republicans - Past Chairman
  • Elected Alt. Delegate to 1980 Republican Convention
    • Ronald Reagan – Detroit, Michigan

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  1. Alex Hausmann

    I checked the role call for the HB30 vote that would legalize medical marijuana, and i nnoticed that you voted no on the bill. I am emailing you to ask for your reasoning on the no vote. There are many sick people that would benefit from medical cannabis, such as aids patients, people with ncer and other debilitating illnesses. To top that off we have overcrowing prison systems and a major budget crisis in Illinois right now. Wouldnt legalization create much needed economic relief through reducing the stress on prisons by releasing non violent offenders, and creating a taxable product that can be greatly beneficial? Marijuana is much safer than cigerretes and alcohol, there has been zero deaths reported with marijuana overdose, because people cannot overdose on marijuana. It reduces anxiety, stress, increases appetite with cancer and aids patients, reduces the affects of glaucoma, and is alot safer than prescription drugs because it does not have the potentially harmful side affects.

    It is time to end the failed war on drugs, and with you and other congressmens help, we can help be another leader in the fight for legalization by becoming another state with medical marijuana. Alot of people are afraid to speak up, they are looking for a leader. Be the change, support HB 30 when it comes to vote in the future. This change can happen and will happe, only with yours and a few others support.

    Thank you for your time


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