Laureen Cummings (R-PA-17)

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Laureen Cummings


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Laureen A. Cummings

Laureen Cummings Congressional Candidate Pennsylvania District 17


Biography of Laureen Cummings from Laureen Cumming for Congress 

Laureen Cummings is a Nurse and the owner of Lorimar Home Care & Staffing Services, Inc. in Old Forge. She is running for Congress in the 17th district of Pennsylvania in the Republican Party.

As a mom and small business owner, Laureen has grown increasingly concerned with the problems our country is facing. She believes that Washington, as well as Harrisburg, are broken and this requires our immediate attention!

New to the political process, Laureen joined thousands of people across America and formed a Tea Party Coalition in Lackawanna County called The Scranton Tea Party. It’s mission is to educate and energize the public on issues that concern them most. And throughout that process, she has found that progressives are the reason we are in such a mess right now. Both parties have been at fault and WE THE PEOPLE, no matter what party, need to step up and fix it! And that is exactly what Laureen plans to do…Put the Government back into the hands of WE THE PEOPLE!

Laureen will not sit idly by and watch some progressive movement destroy our Country. She will not sit idly by and watch them take away our freedom, her children & grandchildren’s freedom or your freedom. Laureen will fight with everything in me to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States so that ALL of our Citizens will continue to be free. I not only ask for your vote, but I ask for your continued support to help me in Washington.

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