Pat Flynn (R-NE)

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Pat Flynn


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Patrick J. “Pat” Flynn

Pat Flynn 2012 Senatorial Candidate Nebraska Class I seat.


Biography of Pat Flynn from Pat Flynn for Senate

Pat Flynn was born on January 3, 1959 and raised in a small town in rural Nebraska.He is from a family of seven. In his younger years his jobs included detasseling, irrigating, working cattle , and hog confinements (8 years). In 1981 Pat graduated from the University of Nebraska,Lincoln with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics. In 1982 he started an insurance business and later became an Investment Adviser. He ran this very successful business for 29 years. In his later teens and twenties, Pat’s life was not always exemplary. He had encounters with the law regarding alcohol and marijuana; thankfully the law won regarding these situations. With the grace of God and a recovery program, Pat has been able to overcome this adversity and has been able to help effect change in other’s lives. He is not proud of this part of his past but has taken full responsibility for his actions and understands the concerns and challenges of many others in our society with these same issues.

Pat helped start and lead a volunteer, high school youth ministry program in his hometown of Schuyler for 13 years during his 30s and 40s. During these years this program was one of the most prolific in the state. From this experience, Pat learned that leading with truth is what really counts in life and is the only way to build organizations that will have lasting strength.

In early 2011, Pat went full-time in his pursuit of the United States Senate seat currently occupied by Senator Ben Nelson, believing that America needs true leadership from the people, rather than career politicians. He will be a Statesman for Nebraska and the United States of America because of his life, business and leadership skills.