Greg Holmes (R-MD-Senate)

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Greg Holmes


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Gregory “Greg” Holmes

Greg Holmes, 2016 Senatorial Candidate Maryland Class III


Biography of Greg Holmes from Greg Holmes for Congress

[2014 Bio] Greg and his wife Marlo have recently celebrated 20 years of marriage. Together they have two sons, Devin, 17, and Jayden, 13, both of whom attend Annapolis Area Christian School. They share their home with their dog Rocky and, as a family, attend First Baptist Church where Greg is very active in the Men’s Ministry. Greg says, “The faith Marlo and I share comes first. Then family is a very close second. Marlo is the perfect complement to me. We make a great team. Devin and Jayden mean everything to us. They always pick me up after a long day. We are all very close. “


Greg graduated from Gonzaga High School and later attended the University of Maryland and Montgomery Community College, where he earned his Associate’s Degree. Greg’s story is an American Dream story. He says, “It starts with the Republican Governor of West Virginia, Mr. Cecil Underwood. He was a Methodist minister who as Governor worked to break the color barrier all through the State. Because of that, my father, Norman Holmes, as a former Marine and a star basketball player became the first black to play for the University of West Virginia. He and my mother endured much hardship, you understand. My father accepted this challenge as a means of achieving higher education, the first in his family to go to college. My life philosophy starts right there and is essential to who I am and what I believe to be true. ” His parents went on to settle in Prince George’s County and operated their own neighborhood business. “I started learning business and customer service when I was 5 years old and it has never stopped. I would do my homework on the store floor in the evening while my Mom and Dad ran the store. Dad would have me run for packages in our neighborhood store. I learned our customers so well that I could jump up, get what the customer wanted before he asked! Dad and Mom built the business on personal relationships and honest dealings. We’d close up at 9 or 10 and all go home together every evening. Those lessons are ingrained in me as I have built my own businesses.” Greg’s dad was the first Executive Director of the Maryland Small Business Financing Authority, which allowed him to help thousands of Maryland start-ups. Greg followed in his parents’ entrepreneurial footsteps and started his own business facilitating business to business relationships. Greg says, “I have my parents to thank for my belief that jobs provide economic freedom. This is why I am a Republican.”


Commission, Metropolitan Youth Football League After coaching many football and basketball teams, Greg was honored to be elected Commissioner of the League. As Commissioner, Greg oversaw the day-to-day operations of a 100+ team league with 16 youth divisions. “The league really grew quickly as I worked to promote and recruit local youth during this period.”


Founder, Responsible Service Initiative (RSI) In 2008, Greg launched RSI with the County Police Department to provide young people with service projects as well as to create positive communications between the police and the community. “I am very proud of this initiative because this program helped break down barriers of suspicion and fear of the police. I believe this program may have helped save lives by creating understanding amongst our youth about the work and sacrifice of the police.”


Mentor Greg currently mentors 15 disadvantaged teenagers, helping them with their school work, organizing transportation for them, and helping prepare them for college. Over the years, Greg and his wife Marlo have opened their home to many of these young men, providing temporary housing and meals as well as tutoring.


Candidate, Maryland State Senate, District 23, 2006


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