Cleave Drummond II (Ref-FL-1)

William “Cleave” Drummond II Congressional Candidate Florida District 1

Cleave Drummond, II (Ref-FL-1)

Biography from Drummond For Congress

I have lived in Florida for the past 23 years or so. Some might think it odd not to know exactly how long but I gage this time by the fact that I have been married for the past 21 years as of November 2nd of 2011 and my wife and I have known each other for about 18 months prior to that. I do know that I had been in the state less than a year when we met so that is how I figure the time. As to how long I have lived in District 1 since the latter part of 1991 when my wife and I moved up here to help my father and be closer to him.

We have been together ever since we met and have a son who is now 18 years of age. He was also a special needs child who has Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism. Because of this I chose to stay home and work online and take care of him. I have done everything that I can to make sure that he had as normal a life as possible even when he could not understand why others treated him differently.

As to what I have done online I have been involved with game development and have my name on 2 titles. I have also worked as a web designer and design admin for some companies online before the economy fell into disarray and ruin. Since October of 2010 I have continued to do whatever I could to make sure that my family would have what it needed to survive. I have painted signs, have done custom calligraphy, worked on a few websites freelance and I have been running a blog that does reviews of games and films.

I am a certified Commercial Artists and at one time had a current certification as a Nursing Assistant. Once I finished school I went into the commercial arts field and have been a sign painter, a screen printer, a heraldic artists and a design artist through the years till I started working online and taking care of my son at home. I have also when I was younger, before I met my wife, been a waiter, a line cook and a fast food server while trying to get a job in my chosen field.

The reason that I do not have a 9 to 5 job now is because of the economy and the lack of jobs in and around our area. Even when you are working online there are obstacles that have started to appear that just were not there 15 years ago. Now if you want a job as a web designer or for even a game tester you have to have a degree in computer science. Employers look more at your education instead of what you are able to do. They would rather hire a person right out of college then to hire someone that has 10 years of experience in what the job involves. It is that mentality that has put many individuals in the same shoes as me. Add to that the age that I am and the problem becomes worse.

Historic Note:

Mr. Drummond says that his family has been a part of the history of America since before 1640; “I am descendant from William Drummond who was the first colonial governor of Albemarle Sound settlement in the Province of Carolina which would eventually become North Carolina.”

Member of Reform Party because:

I joined the reform party because the other major parties were not getting the job done. They fight over everything and then blame it on each other when they are all responsible for the mess that we are in. It was true then and it is true now and the only way things are going to change is if people vote who they believe in and not who they think will win. It is time for a change and I mean to help that change happen.

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