Benjamin M. Linn

Benjamin Linn for President in 2012!

Below was furnished by the candidates campaign.

Born:  November 14th, 1973 in Arcadia, California.

  • 1991 Nashua High School South Graduate-Nashua, NH
  • 2003 Stratford Institute Graduate in Travel & Tourism-Washington, DC
  • 2007 Ashworth College Graduate in Paralegal Studies-Norcross, GA

Mr. Linn has worked in radio broadcasting from 1997-2006 in NH and in MA

Mr. Linn belonged to the Milford Lions Club from 1998-2005, 2nd VP, and 3rd VP

Mr. Linn has lived in the states of California, Kentucky, & New Hampshire.

Mr. Linn has lived in the state of New Hampshire since 1985.

Mr. Linn has had two prior campaigns for NH State Rep.-Amherst & Milford, NH in 1998 and in 2004.

Mr. Linn affliation is with The Republican Party, but he does have support from The Tea Party, The Independent Party, The Constituion Party, and The Libertarian Party.

Mr. Linn has a personal Facebook page.

Mr. Linn has been endorsed by the Concerned American Voter Movement that does not like the choices we have to vote for, that is why he is running, because he thinks we can come up with some better candidates than what we have.

Mr. Linn is Pro-Life.

Mr. Linn is for the traditional marriage of one man and one woman.

“If we want to change how government works for us, then we need to change who we vote for!” said Mr Linn