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Biography of Congresswoman Laura Richardson

As noted in Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper, Laura Richardson’s “meteoric rise” has been nothing short of amazing.

At the age of six, while living through the civil rights movement, Laura Richardson decided on a career in public service. Ms. Richardson began her track record of hard work getting her first job at the age of 12 and later participated in the Olympic trials at the age of 17. She graduated from UCLA with a degree in Political Science, received an MBA from USC, and went on to spend fourteen years working in corporate America at the Xerox Corporation.

In 2006, after serving six years as a Long Beach City Councilwoman, Laura Richardson won a seat in the California Assembly in the 55th District and served as Assistant Pro Tempore. She was recognized as the first African-American woman, South Bay representative, and freshman to hold this prestigious position. In the nine short months she spent in the California Legislature, she succeeded in passing three bills and was vital in the Legislature’s ability to expand access to healthcare, enhance public education, and ensure the safety of neighborhoods.

In 2007, Richardson prevailed over a field of 16 candidates in a special election and was elected to her first term in the House of Representatives to represent California’s culturally and economically diverse 37th Congressional District. In winning this election, Congresswoman Richardson became the first person in United States history to serve at the local, state, and federal level in the span of less than one year.

Congresswoman Richardson currently serves on both the House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure and Committee on Homeland Security. She serves as the ranking member on the Subcommittee on Emergency Communications, Preparedness, and Response and sits on four subcommittees on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Congresswoman Richardson focuses her efforts on improving the movement of goods, enhancing the nation’s homeland security, expanding access to health care services, and investing in the nation’s infrastructure. Minority Leader Pelosi has referred to Representative Richardson as bright, energetic, intelligent, and an asset to the committee chairs, caucuses and her constituents.

Representative Laura Richardson is the 26th African-American female and the 239th female to serve in the U.S. Congress.

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