Email Blast Gill CA09: Campaign Statement on McNerney-Solyndra Ties

Ricky Gill (R-CA-9)

February 16, 2012

Ricky Gill for Congress
Campaign Statement on McNerney-Solyndra Ties

For five years, Jerry McNerney has peddled the false hope of a green jobs utopia that simply hasn’t materialized. In 2008, he even claimed that taxpayer subsidies to green companies like Solyndra would create as many as 500,000 jobs in “the next few years.”

Meanwhile, McNerney failed to mention that he took money from Solyndra’s largest investor — and then failed to stand up for middle-class taxpayers as it went bankrupt on their dime.

So much for creating green jobs, for opposing corporate greed, and for defending the middle class.

The fact is that Jerry McNerney is a Bay Area politician who just doesn’t understand our community’s needs. He had an opportunity to expand market access for local farmers — but instead voted against free trade agreements that promised to create jobs in our local economy. That’s probably why he received a dismal rating of 16% from the American Farm Bureau Federation.

It’s time for a fresh start. As a family farmer and small business owner, Ricky Gill offers struggling middle-class voters a break from the failed promises of Washington politicians like Jerry McNerney.

Our Valley and Delta communities have been hit hard during the recession, and they need a strong representative with a real plan to create jobs. Ricky supports opening markets so local farmers can export their products, recruiting manufacturing jobs to expand our economic base, and soliciting charter school philanthropy to give our children real opportunity. He also supports common sense reforms, including a balanced budget amendment, that will end the crushing debt McNerney is leaving future generations.

Jerry McNerney has systematically neglected the needs of our families and farmers for too long. The 9th District cannot afford another year of second-class treatment from a failed Bay Area politician. It’s time to change course.

Colin Hunter | Communications Director

Ricky Gill for Congress |

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