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Pete Visclosky, Congressman

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Peter J. Visclosky

Pete Visclosky Congressional Candidate Indiana District 1


Biography of Pete Visclosky from


Pete Visclosky proudly represents the First Congressional District of Indiana, which includes Lake, Porter, Newton, Jasper, and Benton Counties. Throughout his time in office, Pete has worked to improve the quality of life for everyone in Northwest Indiana by creating new job opportunities and attracting economic development to the region.
Pete has been a leading advocate for major economic development projects in Northwest Indiana, including the extension of the South Shore Rail Line, the Gary/Chicago Airport, and the Marquette Plan, his lakeshore investment strategy. Pete is a member of the powerful Appropriations Committee and serves as Ranking Member of its Energy & Water Development Subcommittee, where he has worked to boost investments in new energy technologies that will help confront the energy crisis and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Pete also sits on the Defense Subcommittee, the Financial Services Subcommittee, and is the Vice Chairman of the Congressional Steel Caucus. Pete is also a member of the following caucuses:
  • Congressional Steel Caucus (Vice Chairman)
  • Congressional Buy American Caucus
  • Congressional Caucus on Armenian Issues
  • Congressional Caucus on Hellenic Issues
  • Congressional Caucus on India and Indian-Americans
  • Congressional Caucus on Missing, Exploited and Runaway Children
  • Congressional Dairy Farmers Caucus
  • Congressional Diabetes Caucus
  • Congressional Fire Caucus
  • Congressional French Caucus
  • Congressional Macedonian Caucus
  • Congressional National Parks Caucus
  • Congressional Serbian Caucus
  • Congressional Slovak Caucus
  • Friends of Switzerland Caucus
  • Congressional Wine Caucus
  • Congressional Wire and Wire Products Caucus
  • Law Enforcement Caucus
Furthermore, Pete is a member of the Great Lakes Task Force.
Pete was born in Gary, Indiana, and graduated from Andrean High School in Merrillville. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Indiana University Northwest, a Juris Doctoris from the University of Notre Dame Law School, and a Master of Laws in International and Comparative Law from Georgetown University Law Center. Pete is married to Joanne Royce, and has two sons, John and Tim.


Biography of Pete Visclosky from Visclosky for Congress

Growing up in Northwest Indiana, Pete Visclosky learned early on that hard work, a commitment to the community, and an eye on the future are principles that fueled Northwest Indiana’s economic rise and made our country a land of opportunity.

Today, Pete uses these principles to guide his work representing the people of Indiana’s First Congressional District. From its manufacturing industry to its fertile farmland, from its proximity to the great city of Chicago to its quaint small towns, its diversity is one of the First Congressional District’s strongest assets. Please note that as a result of the recent U.S. Census, the First Congressional District now consists of Lake County, Porter County, and western La Porte County.
Pete knows the value of a strong local economy, and has worked to create more jobs, better opportunity, and a broader economic infrastructure in Northwest Indiana. He constantly is looking for ways to improve our communities by working with a multitude of organizations and public officials on a variety of projects. For example, Pete collaborated with Purdue University and public officials to create the Purdue Technology Center, which is home to cutting-edge companies engaged in the scientific and technological work that will lead our region into the future.

During these difficult budget times, Pete believes that tough decisions must be made for the future of our country and the next generation. All spending programs, including defense and entitlement programs, need to be put on the table, and at the same time, we must assess the fairness of our tax code. It is also important to invest in our nation by looking to improve our rapidly deteriorating public infrastructure. By investing in our roads, rails, bridges, and ports, we are actively developing our communities while laying the foundation for job creation.
Pete is the Vice Chairman of the Congressional Steel Caucus. He knows how important steel is to our community and has been a leading advocate on steel issues in Washington, D.C. On multiple occasions, Pete has testified before the International Trade Commission on behalf of fair-trade policies. He is also continuously meeting with local steelworkers to discuss the future of the industry and to see what can be done to fight for its workers.

As Ranking Member of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development, Pete has worked to lessen our dependence on foreign sources of energy by boosting investment in renewable energy research. Pete also serves on the Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense and the Subcommittee on Financial Services.

Pete was born in Gary, Indiana, and graduated from Andrean High School in Merrillville. He received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Indiana University Northwest and went on to receive a law degree from the University of Notre Dame, and a Master Degree in International and Comparative Law from Georgetown University. Pete is married to Joanne Royce, and he has two sons, John and Timothy.

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