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Mike Koffenberger


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Michael Bryant “Mike” Koffenberger

Mike Koffenberger Libertarian Congressional Candidate Pennsylvania District 4


Biography of Mike Koffenberger from Mike Koffenberger for Congress

Thank you for visiting my campaign page. I certainly hope that you will find all of your questions about my viewpoints answered on these pages and that it is the most comprehensive candidate page that you have ever visited.

About myself: I am 40 years old this year, and my wife and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary in May. We have two sons, who are 9 and 7 years old. We moved to Stewartstown in January of 2001 from Maryland. I have been a police officer for the Baltimore County Police Department for 17 years, and my wife has been a stay-at-home mom since our youngest son was born. It has been very difficult to do this financially, but we felt that it was important for our sons.

I have been interested in politics my entire life. Like most people, I was content on the basic knowledge of the system, government and political parties. During the 2008 Presidential campaign, I became intrigued with Congressman Ron Paul, who seemed to be the only candidate telling the truth. After reading his book, “The Revolution: A Manifesto,” I could not stop reading political and history books. I began to get more involved and educate myself on politics, economics and history. After Congressman Paul’s campaign was over, he continued the message of liberty by starting a non-partisan, non-profit organization called the Campaign For Liberty. After contacting the Pennsylvania coordinator, I volunteered to become the York County coordinator. We began having monthly meetings in April of 2009. This outlet allowed me to get more active in politics and helped me to try and have a positive impact in the local community. In January of 2011, the membership decided to split from the national group to have a better impact on local and state politics. It is now operating as the York County Citizens for Liberty.

Why Libertarian?

Until the spring of 2010, I was a registered Republican. I attempted to get more active in the local party and was elected as a Republican Committee Man for Hopewell Township after the primary election in 2010. My frustrations with the Republican Party came to a head after that primary election. For years, I have listened to Republicans saying one thing to get elected, and then doing another after getting in office. I watched them bloat the government, increase spending, start wars, and enact legislation to further erode our liberties. I felt as if I was always keeping a scorecard to keep the Republicans straight on what they actually believed in and voted for. None of them seemed to be listening to the tea party movement, of which I was already a part of, until the media and politicians could no longer ignore it. Already being frustrated with the party, the state committee of the party put the final nail in the coffin for me. The Republican primary election for Governor of Pennsylvania in 2010 was between Tom Corbett and Sam Rohrer. Sam Rohrer, who we had speak at one of our meetings, was the clear conservative choice. However, the state party decided to endorse Corbett (and other candidates) in February of 2010…three months before the primary election. This of course led all of the party money and resources being dedicated to the endorsed candidates, who won in overwhelming numbers. The committee would not listen to active members who did not wish to endorse candidates due to public admonishment of the idea. The York County delegation to the committee listened to the people, however the establishment of the party did not. I could not stand for establishment politics any longer. The idea of changing the Republican Party from the ground up no longer appeared to be a viable option, and a home was found in the Libertarian Party. I researched the Libertarian Party platform and found that it fit with my political viewpoints.

The idea to run for Congress was not an easy one. Being a third party candidate, having no money, not being a lawyer, and having no connections to the political establishment are all detrimental to any political campaign. The main idea behind my getting more politically active was to ensure a future for my sons and their children. Seeing very few leaders in Washington that want to make serious corrections, and knowing that our current Congressman was not going to do that either, the decision to run began there. Congressman Platts is a nice guy, however a true leader is needed in Washington who will fight to greatly reduce government and bring fiscal sanity back to our country. It has not been done by the two main parties, and it will not be accomplished until everyone realizes that the majority of the politicians in Washington are only concerned with getting re-elected and staying in power. Nothing ever changes, but nothing will change until we take the actions necessary to do so. The founding fathers were not all millionaires and/or lawyers. There is no reason why our Congress has to be either. Join me in this campaign. Tell your family, friends and neighbors and thank you for visiting my campaign web site to learn more.

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