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Joel Phelps


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Joel Jeffrey Phelps

Joel Phelps Congressional Candidate Indiana District 1


Biography of Joel Phelps from Joel Phelps for Congress

Joel was born on January 25th 1977 to John Wesley and Barbara Ann Phelps in Springfield, Illinois. Joel spent the early years in Taylorville, Illinois, a small town not far from where his granddad Don Phelps was miner in Peabody Coal’s #10 mine in the town of Kincaid, and a bit south of where a Mr. Ronald Reagan was raised in Dixon some 50 years earlier.

From his earliest memories, Joel was impressed with the duty and benefits of hard work. He heard stories of his granddad’s days in the mines and his dad’s “Phelps shovel” that could out produce three of his coworkers combined at the power plant. The “Phelps shovel” was just a huge shovel that his dad used out of shear grit for nothing other than the solemn pride of being the best at his job.

In 1984, John and Barbara Phelps moved Joel and his two sisters to Northwest Indiana to attend the First Baptist Church in Hammond, then pastored by Dr. Jack Hyles. There Joel and the girls received a values based education at the Hammond Baptist Grammar, Jr High, and High Schools.

Joel has always enjoyed work, in fact he worked to pay his own way through High School and College. He graduated from Purdue Universitywith a bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering.

Industrial Engineering is the science of designing efficient processes, and eliminating waste from existing operations. Joel excelled at his craft and served as President of the Purdue Chapter of the Institute of Industrial Engineers. He earned a merit scholarship for his work in the field, and helped prepare coursework in MTM (motion time management). He accomplished all this, while working full time as a process engineer for Whiting Crane Company. There he developed new processes and designed the factory layout for a new 250,000 square foot manufacturing plant Whiting Crane built in Monee, Il.

Over the years, Joel has continued to apply his talents and tireless work ethic in managing multiple projects and ventures. He has owned and managed small businesses. He has been successful in a commercial glazing firm for the last 6 years managing multiple monumental project sites simultaneously. Including the construction of hospitals, corporate headquarters, and many high-rise construction ventures in Chicago.

Joel resides in Portage, Indiana, in a home he built for with his wife Jennifer, and three boys Jordan (14), Joshua (10) and Jakob (5). Jennifer is a beautiful, sharp, talented woman who is a success in her own right. Prior to meeting Joel in 2004, she earned a bachelors degree in nursung and her RN license from Indiana University while raising two baby boys as single mom. Joel was blessed with the opportunity four years ago to adopt Joshua and Jordan, making the Phelps family official.

Indiana’s 1st district needs something new. We need a smart, tough, energetic representative like Joel with a young family and a stake in Northwest Indiana instead of the career politician Pete Visclosky we’ve sent to congress 13 times in a row, each time hoping for a different result. For the last quarter century under congressman Visclosky, the people of our district and the remaining businesses have suffered the decay caused by shortsighted self-perpetuating policies of people interested in nothing more than what they can take from you in taxes to buy votes. They tax us to death, then redistribute our income to others through special projects, earmarks and other forms of kickbacks to their friends, supporters and those they have subjugated to dependence on their handouts. Mr. Visclosky and others like him in congress then have the gall to send you campaign mailers to your home about the favors he did for his supporters with your money, and then calls it job creation. He must think we’re stupid.

It is time for a change, something new. It is time to elect Joel Phelps to represent our District. No one will work harder to make this area great again. He is raising a family in this district, he manages businesses, and he has been expertly trained to eliminate waste in the private sector. Imagine what he could do in Washington. We are American and we work hard. We demand more of ourselves than anyone else in the world. Do not accept less of your public servants any longer. It’s time to fire our career politician and demand Joel Phelps.