Edward Focke Breen (R-OH-10)

Edward Focke Breen (R-OH-10)

Edward Focke Breen Congressional Candidate Ohio District 10

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I grew up surrounded by politics and community service since the Kennedy administration and have seen the positive and negative sides of public life.

I earned my B.A. in history and political science at Capital University in Columbus and earned my teaching certificate at Antioch University in Yellow Springs. For the past 23 years I have been a reserve teacher in the Dayton public schools.

I’ve been on boards promoting the historical value of our hometown and am committed to preserving our rich multi-cultural heritage.

After emigrating from Ireland my family has lived in Dayton four generations. I’m the son of former Dayton Mayor, U.S. Congressman, Montgomery Co. Commissioner Edward Grimes Breen. On his Walk of Fame plaque it says: “…Political activist for the common man who worked diligently for a better community…”

Somewhere along the way this core value has vanished from our political landscape. Our representatives have stopped looking out for our interests. Our current representatives complicate the issues by focusing on the needs of their lobbyists and refusing to look outside their partisan agenda. They are mired in gridlock and dysfunction and are unable to work together to pass legislation that effects my family and yours.

It’s time to stop our representatives from hurting our economy, our jobs, our environment, our families. We must get our voice back. We must restore balance and compromise in Washington.

By incorporating the values that my father taught me with the needs and climate of twenty-first century America I will work hard to lead by example and will always remember that I am here to serve YOU.

We can utilize the past to renew the future.

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  1. Charles brown

    I hope you continue to provide your efforts to Dayton and work hard on behalf of the community.


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