Chick Heileson (R-ID)

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Chick Heileson


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M.C. “Chick” Heileson

Chick Heileson 2012 Congressional Candidate Idaho District 2


Biography of Chick Heileson from Facebook

Chick Heileson, a successful small businessman, a veteran of the United States Army and a loving husband, father and grandfather would like to formally announce his candidacy for the United States Congress in the 2nd Congressional District of Idaho. Heileson is running on the Republican ticket.Mr. Heileson grew up on a farm outside of Iona, Idaho. He graduated from Bonneville High School in 1…963. After high school, he joined the National Guard and spent seven months in active duty stateside followed by four years in the active reserve. He also served a one year tour of duty in Viet Nam during the Viet Nam War.Chick attended Ricks College for two years and later attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, majoring in Political Science. While attending BYU he met Gloria Severe from Pendleton, Oregon. They were married in 1972 and have made Idaho Falls their home for the past 39 years. They have 7 children and 13 grandchildren.Chick has been involved in the home construction and property development industries, owning and operating various companies. Presently, he works as an HVAC contractor. Mr. Heileson has also been politically active his entire adult life. He is currently a District Chairman and Precinct Committee Officer in the Republican Party.

When asked why he is running for Congress and asked what will guide him in the decisions he will make as a United States Congressman, Mr. Heileson has stated:

“I believe that we still live in a Constitutional Republic under ‘a government of laws and not of men?’ When we let government overstep its bounds and we do not insist that laws remain within proper limits, we begin to lose our liberties, abdicate more of our responsibilities to government, and begin to rely more upon government than our God to protect and aid us.

We cannot continue doing the same thing that we have always done and expect different results. If we wish to preserve freedom and opportunity for ourselves and our children, we must stop looking to government for so many answers to our problems. We must look more to God and to each other to solve our problems and improve our lives. We need less government and more individual responsibility. We need less entitlement and more humility. These are more than good ideas. They are real solutions and they are the principles that will guide my decisions.”

Chick looks forward to serving Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District with your support and with your vote in the Republican primary election this coming May.