Email Blast from Tom Smith for Senate

Tom Smith (R-PA-Senate)

February 2, 2012

Email Blast from Tom Smith for Senate



“The situation, while not as high profile, is reminiscent of Arlen Specter…”

(“Pennsylvania Republicans mull Senate endorsement,” Allentown Morning Call, 1/27/12)

HEADLINE: “Pennsylvania Republicans back Obama-lover to challenge Casey”(WHYY’s Newsworks, 1/30/12)

On Welch’s support for ultra-liberal Joe Sestak:

On switching parties…Twice:

  • Welch leaves GOP to vote for Barack Obama: “Welch has been criticized by his rivals for briefly changing his registration to Democrat so he could vote for Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary and giving money to Sestak when he ran for U.S. House in 2006.” (“Pa. Republicans endorse Welch to challenge Casey,” Associated Press, 1/28/12)
  • Allentown Morning Call – “Welch has baggage”: “But Welch has baggage. Welch, now a Republican, had switched to be a Democrat in 2005, donated money to Joe Sestak’s 2006 congressional campaign and voted for Barack Obama in the Democratic primary.”  (“Pennsylvania Republicans mull Senate endorsement,”1/27/12)
  • PoliticsPA: “Dyed-in-wool Republicans who comprise most of GOP primary super-voters can’t even conceive of changing their registration. Welch’s 2005 switch to the Democratic party, however intentioned, doesn’t go over well.” (“Specter of Sestak Haunts Welch,” PoliticsPA, 1/25/12)

On quitting two congressional campaigns….in the same year:

  • NewsMax: “Welch has had two unsuccessful bids for U.S. House seats. He is a self-described moderate who has come under attack for registering as a Democrat to vote for Barack Obama in 2008.” (“Pa. GOP Makes Choice to Oppose Sen. Casey,” NewsMax, 1/30/12)

On Welch’s vote for Barack Obama:

  • “A self-described moderate, he [Welch] has come under attack for registering as a Democrat to vote for Barack Obama during the party’s 2008 primary. (“Corbett’s slate exposes GOP rift,” Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/29/12)

o   Freind: “Welch claims he left the GOP out of frustration that it wasn’t conservative enough, leaving more than a few Republicans perplexed.” (“Freind: Pa. GOP Should Not Deny Secret Ballot For Endorsement Vote,” Delco Daily Times, 1/27/12)

Joe Sestak Emails: “You asked me to get back to you later this week on Steve Welch (sp?) and what he said in our meeting and his support of me in my first congressional campaign in 2006: although it has been some time and I can’t recall all the exact details, he [Steve Welch] invited me over to his home. While there, we spoke mainly about business investment and his efforts in that area.” (“Specter of Sestak Haunts Welch,” PoliticsPA, 1/25/12)

  • Sestak: “He expressed support of me and what I stood for. He seemed nice and, separately, supportive of the Democratic Party and its efforts.”

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