Mike Haridopolos (R-FL)

Mike Haridopolos former Senate Candidate Florida for 2012 race.

Mike Haridopolos Biography from Friends of Mike H

Biography of Mike Haridopolos

A Conservative Reformer.

Mike Haridopolos is a conservative reformer who has transformed government in Florida. A graduate of Stetson University and the University of Arkansas, Mike has served in the Florida Legislature since 2000, and today is the President of the Florida Senate.

Transforming Government.

Washington needs more than just new faces in Congress. Washington desperately needs a transformation to a system based on proven principles, conservative ideas and real accountability. Mike Haridopolos knows how to make those changes in Washington happen because he’s already brought that same needed transformation to the Florida Senate.

After getting elected to the Senate in 2003, Mike arrived in a legislative body that had long been a graveyard for conservative ideas. Liberal trial lawyers and labor unions had the power to defeat the best ideas of conservative reformers, and they succeeded in their efforts year in and year out.

Mike took the lead to change that. He formed the Freedom Caucus to unite legislators against higher taxes and out of control spending. He helped recruit principled conservatives to run for office and get elected to the Senate. And he continued to promote conservative reform programs like the SmartCap to clamp down on runaway government spending.

It took seven years, but in 2010 Mike’s transformation of the Florida Senate came to fruition. Today, he serves as President of the most conservative Senate in decades, and leads Florida’s largest Republican Senate delegation in 130 years.

Freedom First. Rebuilding Our Fiscal Future.

A college-level history professor since 1993, Mike lives in Merritt Island with his wife Dr. Stephanie Haridopolos and their children Alexis, Hayden and Reagan.

Like so many of us, Mike is deeply concerned for the future of our nation. Washington has spent away trillions of dollars of our money in recent years, and has borrowed trillions on top of that against our children’s futures.

Mike knows that has to change in order to ensure that his children and our children can enjoy the same liberties and freedoms we’ve been blessed with as Americans. Mike is running for Senate to preserve those freedoms by bringing back constitutional principles to Washington, restoring accountability and sanity in how Washington spends our money, and empowering individuals and job-creators to grow our economy, not government.

Biography from Florida Senate

Legislative Service

Elected to the Senate March 25, 2003, reelected subsequently

Senate President, 2010-2012

Majority (Republican) Whip, 2006-2008

House of Representatives, 2000-2003


Freedom Caucus, Co-founder

Biographical Information

Occupation:  College Professor; Author

Spouse: Stephanie Haridopolos, M.D. of Ft. Lauderdale

Children: Alexis, Hayden, Reagan

Education: University of Arkansas, M.A., 1993

Stetson University, B.A., 1992

Born: March 15, 1970 in Huntington, New York. Moved to Florida in 1990.

Religious Affiliation: Baptist

Recreation:  Golf, NASCAR

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