Harold L. Bailey (D-IL-1)

Harold L. Bailey (D-IL-1)


Harold L. Bailey Congressional Candidate Illinois District 1


Biography of Harold L. Bailey from Harold Bailey for Congress


Harold L. Bailey, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives 1st Congressional District, has his pulse on the needs of its citizens and intends to echo their voices in Washington, D.C. if elected to congress. He vows to provide tangible results and resources to ensure residents are not taken for granted, and have opportunities that will allow them to achieve the American dream.

Harold Bailey is intrinsically qualified to the lead the 1st Congressional District into the future through his experience as a teacher, administrator, political organizer, coach, and civic-minded community member. Harold is committed to making a difference, one block, one neighborhood, one community at a time, and not settling for the status quo. The District has recently been remapped and new boundaries added, which symbolizes evolution. Just as the District is evolving, it is time for the leadership to evolve.

Harold has dedicated his professional life to advocating on behalf of citizens in Illinois, in particular youth and senior citizens. His objective is to bring a new vision of cooperation, fiscal responsibility, a sound economic and education policy, and creative solutions for political reform to the nation’s capital.

A native of Chicago’s South Side and a product of Chicago Public Schools, Bailey, who is a dedicated single father, whose son is currently pursuing a degree in Medicine, has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Prior to running for office, Harold worked for the City of Chicago, the Chicago Public Schools, and the Chicago Park District.

Harold Bailey has organized community service programs across Chicago, including the Pilsen, South Loop, Hyde Park, Bronzeville, Englewood and Austin areas of the city, coordinating with aldermen, state representatives, and city officials regarding enrichment programs geared toward area youth. He has also successfully established community programs that promoted youth safety, gang and drug awareness, and the importance of education by working closely with multiple city departments and agencies.

Harold’s primary goal is to support and introduce legislation that will have a measureable impact on the lives and welfare of residents throughout the District. His key points of emphasis will be to promote access to capital for small businesses, and raise awareness on Minority and Women Business Enterprise programs and other initiatives designed to help create and sustain new business and job opportunities.

Harold Bailey also recognizes that the public school system throughout Chicago and surrounding suburbs in Cook and Will County is in need of improvement, and believes the issue is not only one of personal responsibility, but misappropriation of resources that can be re-directed to bring about mission critical programs. Harold intends to go beyond dialogue to implement more partnerships in education that will benefit children, and bring more resources to the District for after-school programs, which have been shown to reduce crime and gang activity.

Harold is also committed to Senior Citizens, and acknowledges that they have worked long and hard throughout their life and must be supported in order for them to receive the quality of life they deserve. As such, he intends to work with local financial institutions to educate seniors on ways to secure and grow their finances; ensure that seniors understand their entitlements under Medicaid and Medicare; and educate seniors on the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), which helps low-income citizens pay their winter heating, and summer cooling bills.

Harold is also adamant that every person deserves to have a sense of security, whether they are in their homes, on their jobs, or in schools, and will address this by working with the local law enforcement agencies, Gang Task Force, religious institutions, community and neighborhood organizations to collectively and effectively address the public safety issues across the 1st Congressional District.

Harold Bailey will not be a politician that gets in the way, but rather a politician that makes a way for the needs and concerns of constituents, while reminding Washington that the true definition of a politician is that of public service.

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