Brad Morris (D-MS-1)

Brad Morris (D-MS-1)


Brad Morris Congressional Candidate Mississippi District 1


Biography of Brad Morris from Brad Morris for Congress


Brad knows what can happen when a person is given opportunities. A native of Itawamba County, he took advantage of a strong public school system and federal student loan programs that enabled him to become the first member of his working-class family to earn a college degree. Through hard work and with the support of family and the community, Brad worked his way up the ladder and is now a small business owner and attorney in Oxford.

Brad believes everyone in Northeast Mississippi, and all of America, deserves the same opportunities he had. As Congressman for Mississippi’s First Congressional District, Brad will work to protect the opportunities that help middle class and working families move ahead.

Adopted and raised by his grandparents, Brad learned the value of hard work early in life. His grandfather, a Baptist minister who also worked in a local factory, and grandmother, who labored as a seamstress, struggled to keep the lights on and to put food on the table. They needed Brad to go to work at a young age so he mowed yards and sacked groceries at the local store. When he got to high school, he worked in a furniture store after school and a radio station at night, all while keeping his grades up. Brad’s grandparents also pushed him to take advantage of opportunities like college aid, including academic scholarships, student loans and federal Pell Grants, that would make it easier for him to find decent employment and provide for his own family one day.

Today, Brad is seeking to honor the legacy of his grandparents and others who went before him. Brad knows that America thrives with a rising and secure middle class. He believes that as a country, it is essential that we balance the budget and cut the deficit, but not on the backs of the middle class. Brad believes that our economy won’t fully get back on track until the middle class gets back on track, and he is committed to investing in education, helping small business owners succeed, protecting home ownership and making sure Medicare and Social Security are there for the folks who worked hard to make America great.

Brad has experience working in government and in the private sector. He served as Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to Congressman Travis Childers and now owns a small in-home care business. Brad knows the struggles that come with starting a business, creating jobs and being responsible for making payroll. He is ready to put his experience to work helping citizens of Northeast Mississippi realize better opportunities for their own families. Brad holds a degree in political science from The George Washington University and both a Masters of Accountancy and a Law Degree from the University of Mississippi.

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  1. Louis Baxter

    I’ll be voting for Morris in November. He’ll actually fight to protect the middle class, something Nunnelee has failed to do.


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