Bill Randall (R-NC)

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Bill Randall


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William Alfred “Bill” Randall, II

Bill Randall was a 2012 Congressional Candidate North Carolina District 13


Biography of Bill Randall from Randall for Congress

Bill Randall is a confident, intelligent individual with a long track record of accomplishments spanning his military, business and personal life. He greets people and challenges with genuine head-on enthusiasm. During conversations he “listens” intently, responds straight-forwardly and adds a sprinkle of personal anecdotes about time-honored family values, God, country, and the individual rights, liberties and welfare of all.

Joining the U.S. House of Representatives as North Carolina’s 13th District representative is his newest, possibly most consequential challenge. Past achievements, know-how, education and first-hand experience with his constituents’ needs and poor legislation results has prepared him for this task.

Growing up in New Orleans’ (LA) lower 9th ward taught him the important connection between government integrity, personal industriousness and the achievement of a better life. He believes that politicians that ignore and devastate their voters’ dreams do not deserve a place in our government – they fail one of our Republic and Founding Fathers’ main beliefs – putting the people’s rights and needs first.

Bill Randall knows first-hand about the devastating impact caused by government programs and politicians, who advance themselves with empty lies and false hopes. He saw how this frustrated and pushed people down, forced a reliance on government food stamp and family assistance programs, and did not improve quality of life, pride, morale and genuine jobs.

Rather than succumb to this negative environment, Bill Randall emerged with a keen appreciation for a loving family, sincerity, true promises, a free market economy, military service and ownership of decisions impacting life, family, career and advancement by personal initiatives.

Although he comes from a family of simple means, his mother and father provided abundant valuable childhood guidance within a Christian environment and showed how a supportive family, individual principles, a strong work ethic, faith and a belief in one’s God-given rights plays critical roles in leading a balanced life with the right perspectives.

A military career path was family inspired. His Vietnam War era veteran brother, Adolph Randall, served in U.S. Marines. His Naval Officer sister, Alice Randall Flanders, achieved a Lieutenant Commander’s rank and served as her brother Bill’s reenlisting officer three times – this rare military reenlistment combination is part of U.S. Navy history.

High school and Naval Junior ROTC graduation was followed by a distinguished, decorated twenty-seven year Navy career, which included achieving Command Master Chief – the highest “non-commissioned officer” rank.

CMC Randall’s military career gave him an expansive education in military and veterans affairs, warfare, preparedness, armaments, climatic, oceanographic and environmental knowledge, mid-east culture and personal contacts.

From his Department of Veterans Affairs and Desert Storm service, he concludes that securing US Veterans’ richly deserved yet understated full care and benefits requires an all out devoted campaign to end continuous political delay results. At the VA he saw highly underfunded conditions, while assisting thousands of veterans and family members. From July 02 to May 05 his claim awards administration eliminated red tape and ensured the maximum benefits were awarded – totaling $2M plus. Additionally, he assisted in non-service-connected pension claims from the Gulf to the central and mid-west states. These actions garnered him numerous accolades for quality customer service.

Civilian life opened insights about issues facing businesses or entrepreneurs today and the burdensome impact government intervention and regulations have on productivity and financial results. With an independent insurance agency start-up and a sales position at a business management consulting firm, Bill Randall cultivated relationships with thousands of small to medium-sized businesses in every major industry and gained an realistic view of what it takes to manage and grow small businesses, grow our economy and initiate steps which create sustainable, well-paying jobs. Additionally, he achieved a bachelor’s degree in business management and a master’s degree in business administration.

Businessman Randall strongly advocates minimal government involvement in small businesses, which he sees as the heart of our economic success. He holds the conviction that you foster growth and eliminate deficits by promoting a free market economy benefiting from lower taxes, smart regulations enabling innovation in place of agenda-driven ones doing greater harm than good, incentives for entrepreneurs, a focus on producing US-manufactured “unique market-making” products that force other countries to spend money here and capital to insure business expansion and hiring.

Political observations of the New Orleans 9th Ward were transformed into involvement with a 2004 Kenosha, WI County Board Supervisor election run. Most recently, he was a North Carolina Republican Party Chairman candidate. During his 13th District seat campaign Bill Randall will stay true to the qualities that have helped him his whole life – listening, being trustworthy, making promises he will keep, remembering families depend on his working endlessly to create good jobs and keep their money in their pockets.

Ideas on improving national security through the application of stronger domestic security programs and making sure strong domestic security is in place reflect his military and foreign culture expertise.

Lifetime religious beliefs are part of Bill Randall’s core values. Besides drawing inspiration and strength from his faith, he is a practicing minister, religious leader, teacher and author, who encourages, serves and actively participates in issues affecting his community, such advocating programs serving as temporary support paths towards education and employment instead of a path to a permanent welfare culture.

On the secular side he has great concerns that the Declaration of Independence and Constitution’s principles are under the most dangerous attack in history and all government branches are in a rapid trajectory towards undemocratic Federal control of our lives, businesses and finances. Americans, he believes, must defend against these blatant threats by electing people with conservative values into government offices and demand that Congress follow the Constitution’s original laws and 18th century conservatism’s spirit concerning the Federal government’s role in the American people’s lives, use history’s results to chart future actions.

A love of history, especially its lessons on success, drives his goal to be a congressional legislation expert and apply this expertise when speaking to what is right or wrong for North Carolina and the U.S.A. — ill-planned government programs that are proven failures uncontrolled wasteful spending that stifles and weakens the USA by irresponsible legislators, who consistently ignore voters’ wishes yet promote personal and political power, and support agendas, which take workers money and hands it to others too comfortable getting paid not to work.

As a US Congressman, listening intently, responding to people just like himself and carrying all their needs and issues to Washington as their trusted voice will be among Bill Randall’s primary goals. He will fight for those he represents. His wife, Wendy, also a Wake Forest, North Carolina resident, along with his son, daughters and grandchildren, need him as their voice too. They solidly support his campaign.

Education – Bachelor of Science (Business Management), Bellevue University, Bellevue, NE (Jan 2003), Magna Cum Laude (3.94/4:00)
Education – Master of Business Administration (MBA), National Louis University, Chicago, IL (Jan 2007)