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Ted Yoho, Congressman Florida District 3

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Theodore Scott “Ted” Yoho


Ted Yoho 2016 Congressional Candidate Florida District 3


Biography of Ted Yoho from House.gov

[2014 Bio] Congressman Ted Yoho represents North Central Florida’s 3rd Congressional district which includes Alachua, Union, Gilchrist, Bradford, Marion, Clay, Suwannee, Dixie, Lafayette, Columbia, Levy, Madison, and Hamilton Counties. He was elected to the 113th Congress in November 2012. Prior to serving in Congress, Ted owned several successful animal practices and worked as a large animal veterinarian in the community.


Ted was born in Minnesota and moved to South Florida where he met his wife Carolyn in the 4th grade. Ted and Carolyn got married at 19 and began to work their way through college — Carolyn as a court reporter and Ted packing vegetables at night. After completing his AA degree at Broward Community College, Ted and Carolyn moved to Gainesville where Ted enrolled at the University of Florida. He graduated in 1983 with his bachelors degree in Animal Science and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.


In 1986, they had their first daughter; Katie, followed two years later by Lauren in 1988 and Tyler in 1990. Carolyn continued to build her own businesses by opening new court reporting agencies and helping Ted open additional practices. Ted and Carolyn began instilling a strong work ethic in their children early on by making family projects out of real estate investments and building their businesses. They instilled the principles of setting goals, the willingness to work hard and treating people fairly. Ted and Carolyn emphasized that if you did these things and took hold of opportunity, they could achieve the American Dream. After all, Ted and Carolyn were products of the American Dream.


In 2010, Ted and Carolyn sold their practices to focus their time and energy on a new passion — Our Nation. Ted believes that more than ever our nation is drifting away from the ability to achieve the American Dream. In order to preserve it we need to get back to our founding principles, core values, and the Constitution. As a freshman Congressman he plans to champion legislation that reflects his values and those of the constituents he represents. Ted’s approach to government is guided by constitutional principles, the idea of small government, fiscal conservatism, personal responsibility and free enterprise.


When he is not in Washington representing the Gator Nation, he is home spending time with his family and constituents, fishing or cheering on his Gators.

Biography of Ted Yoho from Ted Yoho for Congress

[2012 Bio] Ted was born in Minnesota in 1955, the fifth of six sons. His family moved to South Florida when he was 11, where he lived until graduating from high school in 1973. He has been happily married to his high school sweetheart, Carolyn (whom he has known since grade school) for 36 years.


Ted always had a strong desire to be a veterinarian, but knew that finances were going to be a challenge. Always industrious and possessing a very strong work ethic, he worked full-time at night in a vegetable packing house during the school year, and in the summer worked an additional full-time day job in construction to help earn the money needed to attend college. He succeeded. In 1976 (after graduating from Broward Community College) Ted and Carolyn moved to Gainesville, Florida in order to finish his Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture at the University of Florida. He was accepted into the Veterinary College at UF, where he continued to work as much as possible getting real-life experience in his field, while Carolyn worked as a Court Stenographer.


After being married 11 years and becoming established in their respective careers, Ted and Carolyn decided it was time to start their family, the result being three children over the next five years. Katie, now 24, is on active duty with the Coast Guard. Lauren, 23 and Tyler, 20 are both students at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.


Ted has practiced veterinary medicine, both large and small animal, in the North Florida area for over 28 years. Carolyn owned a court-reporting agency while still working as an active court reporter in North Central Florida for over 20 years.


After the couple built their home themselves from the ground up they began remodeling homes as a rewarding hobby, which they then sold. They oftentimes included their children in these endeavors in an effort to foster their entrepreneurial spirit and encourage a work ethic, leading by example. The projects they started were always completed successfully, on-time and within set budget constraints—something difficult for our government to do itself.


Ted is active in the community by donating his knowledge through services to the Future Farmers of America (FFA) Students, as well as monetary donations and sponsorships given to numerous schools, clubs and charities.


Ted is a proud member of:


• American Veterinary Medical Association

• Florida Veterinary Medical Association

• Florida Association of Equine Practitioners

• Florida Cattlemen’s Association

• National Rifle Association


During his years of veterinary practice and interacting with every-day citizens (farmers, ranchers and local business owners) on a daily basis, Ted became acutely aware that he is not alone in the concern regarding the state of our nation. He understands the challenges we are all being forced to face and as a result has made the decision that it is his time to Stand Up for America in the hopes that like-minded citizens will support him in this call to action.


Do you know where you are on the political spectrum? See “Political Beliefs, Where Are You” to find out where you stand.


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