L. Mack VanAllen (D-OH-10)

L. Mack VanAllen (D-OH-10)

L. Mack VanAllen Congressional Candidate Ohio District 10

Biography of L. Mack VanAllen from The Committee to Elect Mack Van Allen to Congress

Below is direct copy:

  • I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and attended Cleveland Public Schools.
  • I worked construction in my father’s business during the summer and on weekends from the ages of 15 to age 20.
  • During the summer of my last two years in college, I worked in the “hot mill” for two Cleveland steel companies, Jones & Laughlin and Republic Steel.
  • I completed a bachelor’s degree from Miami University (1967) and two master’s degrees from the University of Missouri (1972) and Miami University (1984). The University of Missouri degree was in economics.
  • I taught both middle school and high school from 1967 to 1971 and 1973 to 2005. Most of my teaching career was with the Centerville City Schools.
  • I co-founded Eagle & Hawk Wilderness Adventures in 1970. The business organized and conducted summer wilderness canoe trips for high school students from the Dayton and Cincinnati areas. In 1982, I earned National Outdoor Leadership School certification. Eagle & Hawk functioned as a successful business for twenty-five years.
  • While on sabbatical completing my second advanced degree, I performed a six month internship with Ford Motor Company in 1978, where I worked in an office that dealt directly with government regulations affecting the company.
  • As a teacher, I was awarded two Fulbright Grants, one in China and the other in Morocco.
  • I retired from teaching in 2005. Since retiring, my wife, Patricia and I have traveled extensively throughout the United States and to several locations abroad. I have also volunteered at various locations as a Montgomery County Master Gardener and have served for four years as a member of the Washington Township Visual Improvement Committee.
  • My parents taught me the value of hard work and thrift. They also showed through their behavior the importance of respect for all people regardless of their station in life.

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