Email Blast Gill CA09: McNerney has never lived in the 9th District

Ricky Gill (R-CA-9)

January 30, 2012

McNerney has never lived in the 9th District

Six months after promising to move into the 9th Congressional District, Rep. Jerry McNerney still has failed to do so.

With the filing deadline fast approaching, it’s time to ask McNerney when he’s going to move here and start learning about Valley and Delta issues.

In late July 2011, McNerney issued a press release in which he pledged to move to San Joaquin County. In fact, he claimed that “[a]fter spending so much in San Joaquin County,” he already considered it his “home.”

But McNerney, who has never lived in the 9th District, continues to live today in the Bay Area community of Pleasanton, where he has lived for 20 years. He can’t even be bothered to visit the 9th District; most recently, he opted to host “town halls” via Twitter rather than on the ground in the district.

Even worse, McNerney has issued misleading statements suggesting he already lives here. His campaign biography refers to Pleasanton in the past tense, stating that “[a]t the time, Jerry and his wife Mary were living in Pleasanton” when he first ran for Congress.

“At the time”? He still lives there.

McNerney also has given comments characterizing the Central Valley as his “home” or “region” — neither of which is accurate.

What’s Jerry McNerney trying to pull? It’s time to hold him to account for treating Valley and Delta residents like second-class citizens.

Colin Hunter | Communications Director

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