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James Schneller


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James Schneller Constitution Congressional Candidate Pennsylvania District 7


Biography of James Schneller from Friends of Jim Schneller for Congress Committee

Only a determined and competent representative can promote this platform in our Congress. Jim is that person !

Jim Schneller is:

  • fully trained in the law
  • a former government official
  • a former business owner
  • a persistent activist for Constitutionality in the Courts & Government
  • a leader who worked nonstop in 2008 and 2009 to prevent the current dismantling of American’s rights and values by unscrupulous politicians and power brokers.


Jim is a 7 year resident of Wayne in Radnor Township, and previously lived in adjoining Tredyffrin Township for most of his life. Jim is known by the community as an upstanding, virtuous, and law abiding person and activist.

Jim is a legally trained person possessing the experience and qualifications that will enable him to represent you with honor, tact, and depth. Jim is a community-minded person and a daily studier of policy, current events, and issues, in many fields. Jim has lived in city, suburb, and rural neighborhoods and has experienced abundant government processes from both the angle of citizen, and that of official. Jim is a leader in community groups and church groups.

Jim’s formal education took him from diploma and designation as National Merit Scholar, through three years’ sciences curriculum at Penn State, followed by six years at Columbia University. Never attaining a degree, Jim did maintain a commendable record, and rounded out his curriculum with courses in government, finance, statistics, and information technology.

  • A former business owner

As a former sales and marketing director and web retailer, Jim has dealt with the numerous hurdles and questions regarding business operations and government effects on business. Jim has also managed his accounting and legal matters, including issues like copyright and trademark, patent applications, and infringement. He has experience in numerous areas like product screening, test marketing, product introductions, design, and import/export.

Jim has also worked in landscape design and has for years been a supporter of Pennsylvania and national wildlife, sportsmanship, and historical architecture.

  • A former government official

Jim’s work for a number of years involved supervising New York City license code enforcement, which entailed compliance with regulations governing public safety, inspections, and the proper submissions for license applications. Jim worked directly with City Hall, the Mayor’s Agencies like the City Art Commission and the Buildings and Finance Departments, and State and Federal agencies, on a regular basis. He was also the business representative to the newspaper, moving and storage, and entertainment industries, and oversaw new law implementation including a new statute governing personal storage facilities.

  • Fully trained in the Law
  • A persistent activist for Constitutionality in the Courts & Government

Jim has pursued concerted litigation in the Pennsylvania and Federal Courts and Appeals Courts for many years, out of personal endeavor, and out of a patriotic duty to challenge government and other blocs’ infringements on Constitutional rights. Jim has extensive experience with liability, intentional torts and crimes, estate trusts, civil rights, agency and administrative appeals, nursing home and other medical violations, contracts, and warranties.

Jim has also continually addressed municipal departments and the State regarding community-oriented goals such as zoning and land use matters, many of them contentious. He has pursued appeals of municipal decisions, representing himself, when the public interest has been abandoned or violated. This has given Jim experience in Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia County, as well as various Committees of the Pennsylvania General Assembly and Senate and other State Agencies and Boards, many of which are familiar with Jim’s knowledge, professionality, and persistence.

Jim has recently been busy :

  • Opposing the sovereign immunity granted by the legislature to State employees, and the Pennsylvania Courts’ sweeping ongoing granting of immunity even where shown prima facie cases for liability for conspiratorial, intentional, reckless, and/or wanton behavior.
  • Litigating in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals for application of the Constitutions to parties denied suit without opposing parties ever being brought into actions; opposing Judges’ improper use of authority to dismiss unrepresented citizen’s suits.


  • Opposing deprivals of access to the courts and due process, that result from application of the Pennsylvania Rules of Appellate Procedure regulating form of appellate briefs and appendices and other cost-imposing requirements.


  • Fighting the overt unconstitutionality of Pa.R.A.P. 552 and 553 regarding indigent parties, because they deprive poor and unrepresented litigants of: access to courts and appeals, due process, and rights to defend life, liberty, and property.
  • Fighting for enforcement of Pennsylvania and U.S. Laws that direct criminal sentences for infliction of harm or deprivals of Constitutional rights to nursing home patients and the infirm.


  • Ardently supporting and leading post-911 efforts to prevent the stepped-up dismantling of American’s rights and values by unscrupulous politicians and power brokers. Jim helped publicize the true nature of TARP handouts, rewards paid to Fannie Mae executives despite their role in causing the mortgage crisis, U.S.Supreme Court molding of the Constitution into a toothless and morally bankrupt document, and similar travesties inflicted by many representatives in recent history.
  • Fighting for relief and amendment, to eliminate deprivals of rights to life and liberty, free speech, property and due process, to the aged, and the religious, by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Dept. of Health’s policies regarding nursing home incidents, the incident inspectors, and programs like Protective services for the aged.


  • Opposing the introduction of slot machine gambling in Pennsylvania because the enabling act is an unconstitutional legislation and a secret legislation. Fighting for declaratory findings that the tying of gambling legalization to school taxes and college aid is unconstitutional, as is the infusion of gambling by the State.


  • Appealing the issue of constitutionality of recent appellate decisions creating a successively narrower definition of standing for purposes of land use appeals that now consists of aggrievemnent by way of ownership of neighboring property, and no other reason. Constitutionality of artificially high fees for challenges to validity of ordinances is also questioned.


Note: Activists like Jim are frequently accused at some point or other of being over-active, troublesome, or inept. Jim believes that these are code words for knowing too much, and being too adept to be tripped up by legal snares. Jim has never been found to have acted illegally or unethically, in his years of appearing before agencies, governing bodies, and Courts. Jim is known for his even handedness and his ability to favorably manage legal and ethical questions and differences with knowledge and fairness.
Jim has also :

  • Successfully sought amendment of the Pennsylvania Rules of Appellate Procedure so that a wide window causing deprival of appeal to citizens denied participation in sales of estate assets, and related deprivals of property rights and due process, could be shut. Pa. R.A.P. 342.


  • Litigated a concerted effort in New Jersey Superior Court and Supreme Court for an upholding of rights to jury trial as intended by New Jersey law, demanding full rights of access to justice and due process to poor and unrepresented parties.


  • Challenged the Article II eligibility of Barack Obama for office of President of the United States, requesting injunction to remedy State and Congressional failure to screen candidate eligibility under “natural born citizen” clause.


  • Fought deprival of citizens’ rights to due process of law, right to defend, and equal protection, that is unconstitutionally inflicted by sections of Pa.R.C.P. 1042.3, Pa.R.C.P. 1042.6 which govern professional liability lawsuits.


Jim does not relent in his efforts to attain freedom and equality for all – please join our campaign ! If you have any questions, please use the contact page.

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