Harry Perkinson (D-PA-4)

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Harry Perkinson


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Harry Ebiff Perkinson, Jr.

Harry Perkinson Congressional Candidate Pennsylvania District 4


Biography of Harry Perkinson from Perkinson for Congress 2012 Election Committee

Harry Perkinson was born in Corpus Christi, Texas and followed his father, a Navy enlisted man, from duty station to duty station, spending extended periods of time in Virginia, Illinois, and California. His mother was a registered nurse. Both of his parents worked hard to provide for their four children.

From his parents, Harry learned the need for and the value of hard work. He had household and outdoor chores to perform as a young child. He started earning money in elementary school shoveling sidewalks for neighbors, and continued to work during high school. With the help of some scholarship money and doing everything from washing pots to driving taxi cabs, Harry paid for his own college education. He has bachelor degrees in English and Mechanical Engineering and master degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration.

Harry first moved to the 4th District in 1984, marking the beginning of a series of moves into and out of the District that culminated with Harry, his wife, Angela and their two children moving back into the district in February 2005. He has resided in the district more than 24 years since first moving here in 1984. Angela Perkinson (formerly Garretson) was born and raised in Adams County. Harry and Angela’s children, Alyssa and Emily, attended and graduated from the Spring Grove and Dallastown School Districts.

Harry is currently an engineering manager at a small business that performs research and development, predominately for the Department of Defense. Previously, Harry founded Integrated Composite Technologies (ICT), which manufactured kits for the composite material structures market, creating kits for products as diverse as cooling tower fans, ocean going yachts, manhole covers, and road bridges. Located in York, ICT and Harry met payrolls and provided benefits to his employees. Harry has worked in low hourly rate positions and he has run a small business, so he has seen both sides of the labor issue. He understands the difficulties of the hourly worker trying to make a living, as well as the small business person trying to stay in business. He will bring that understanding to Congress.

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