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Joe Chow Congressional Candidate Texas District 6


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Biography from the Friends of Joe Chow for Congress

From Joe…

I came to this great nation 32 years ago from Taiwan as a student. I received my MBA from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in 1980. I come from a business and finance background. After graduation, I worked very hard to earn enough money to open my own restaurant in 1986.

My wife and I have seven children and two grandchildren. My twin daughters served in Iraq, and my wife is my partner in business. She fully supports my desire to represent you in congress.

Public service is not new to me. I served three years as a city council member for the town of Addison before being elected to Mayor in 2005. I’m proud to say that Addison’s tax rate is one of the lowest in Texas. I cut property taxes my first year in office, and during my second term, Addison received its first-ever AAA bond rating. When the recession hit, we were prepared with an $11 million rainy day fund.

I’ve been speaking with lots of people lately and asking questions. Everyone tells me the same thing: A 9.1% unemployment rate is not acceptable. A sky-rocketing debt is not acceptable. Obamacare is not acceptable. Our illegal immigration policy is not acceptable.

I am for smaller government, fiscal responsibility, and lower taxes. I stand by our Constitution–-and not a constitution revised at the whim of those who want to use it for social engineering. I stand by our right to bear arms, our sovereignty as a nation, controlled borders, states rights, freedom of the individual, and prayers in our schools.

As your congressman, I will listen to your needs and find the best legislation to meet those needs. I promise you I will keep you informed.

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