Cobby Mondale Williams (Ind-MS-2)

Cobby Mondale Williams (Ind-MS-2)


Cobby Mondale Williams Independent Congressional Candidate Mississippi District 2



Biography of Cobby Mondale Williams from Friends of Cobby M. Williams

Quick Facts: A Public Servant not another Politician!

Public Servant Representative

  • Red Cross Donor
  • Mississippi Blood Bank Donor
  • Freestate ChalleNGe Academy (Mentor)
  • Son of an Army Veteran
  • Nephew of Vietnam Veteran
  • Three siblings (two brothers and a sister)
  • Founder/CEO – CMW Community Development Corporation
  • Founder/CEO –
  • National Contract Management Association(Active Member- Nationally)
  • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity(Active Member-Nationally)
  • 100 Black Men Incorporated(Inactive-DC Chapter)
  • National Forum for Black Public Administrators(Active Member-DC Chapter)

International and School Representative

  • Served as an International Adjutant of Greater Mount Calvary Holy Churches of America, Inc. (Pastor and Founder, Archbishop Alfred A. Owens Jr and International First Lady Co-pastor Susie C Owens)
  • Served as a Department of State Intern (American Embassy Ethiopia, Addis Ababa)
  • Served as Mr. Freshman (incoming freshmen class of 1995) Jackson State University
  • Served as Mr. Dunbar Dramatic Guild(DDG – Communications Department representative) Jackson State University
  • Representative for Jackson State University Study Abroad Program: Costa Rica
  • Representative for Howard University Study Abroad Program: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Federal Representative

  • Human Resources Specialist, U. S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Washington, DC
  • Representative for the Department of State, America Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Program Associate – FBI Project, National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) Washington D.C.
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Jackson, MS
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Washington, D.C.
  • Coordinator of Combined Federal Campaign
  • Combined Federal Campaign Certificate of Appreciation


State and Local Representative

  • Served as a Urban Planner for the District of Columbia Government (Ward 4)
  • Contract Management Specialist, District of Columbia, Office of Contract and Procurement (OCP)
  • Capital City Fellow (District of Columbia, Office of the City Administrator)


DC Department of Transportation(DDOT) — Mayor’s Snow Team Award

USDA Honor Award for Excellence, Homeland Security Support Team

USDA 5 Years Service Award

Department of State Coax Foundation Scholarship Award for Academics and Internship

Coordinator of Combined Federal Campaign – Certificate of Appreciation

Biography of Cobby Mondale Williams from Cobby Mondale Williams

Challenges and obstacles are not intimations of defeat, but are the breed of life for a victor. Overcoming afflictions and utilizing potential are the emphatical motifs that unravel the life of Cobby Mondale Williams. Cobby Mondale, a native of Kansas City, Missouri, was raised in a single parent home in Jackson, Mississippi. Enslaved by poverty and surrounded by drugs and gangs, Cobby Mondale was no stranger to adversity.

Cobby Mondale’s adolescence moved in downward spirals because of his lack of motivation and his will of defiance. The consequences of his actions were being kicked out of middle schools, high schools, and at some point moving out of the house at age 16. With a lack support, encouragement, and ambition, Cobby Mondale finished high school with no intent or desire to pursue higher education.

Nevertheless, Cobby Mondale yearned to be liberated from his truculent cycle and craved to be identified with success. Despite his hardships and troubles, he proved to himself, as well as others, that the unthinkable and unbelievable would soon be the achievable. When life’s unexpectancies are bridged with man’s tenacity, a pathway of victory can be paved. As a twist of fate, Cobby Mondale enrolled and graduated from Jackson State University and received a bachelor’s of art in Speech and Human Communication. Furthermore, immediately after graduating with no job, little money, and a few clothes, Cobby Mondale drove to Washington, D.C. and was soon employed by the federal government. He obtained a master’s degree in Public Administration and later became a real-estate owner!

You will have to hear Cobby Mondale speak to understand his journey from brokenness to victory. Because there are several familiar themes, there will be moments in the story that mirror your life or reflect similar encounters that will bring forth empathy and confirmation. Cobby speaks to you, about you, and seemingly for you. With his many years of experience in and around the federal government, Cobby Mondale possesses a unique quality that allows him to not only communicate with you, but to assist you in communicating with the world around you. Hearing Cobby Mondale’s story will compel you to move closer to your destined position as you live out his motto, “I’m a Winner, I do Love Myself, I have a Vision”.

As a well traveled young man and public servant, Cobby Mondale brings an open perspective from various corners of the world. Traveling and living in different countries have expanded his knowledge and bettered his understanding of humanity, cultural diversity, and world civilization. Thus, it has also re-emphasized the value and significance of education. Cobby Mondale takes responsibility as well as accountability of saving lives by changing lives through his work and rendered services.

Cobby Mondale is active in his community and is constantly volunteering with several non-profit organizations and mentoring the youth. In efforts to help the lost and disadvantaged gain a better perspective or more positive outlook on life, he openly shares his victories and defeats. Moreover, he is active in political campaigns, and most importantly his church.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Speech and Human Communication, Jackson State University (MS)
  • Masters in Public Administration, Public Policy, and International Development, Howard University(DC)


  • Masters Certificate in Government Contracting, George Washington University

Honors and Awards:

  • USDA Honor Award for Excellence, Homeland Security Support Team
  • USDA 5 Years Service Award
  • Coax Foundation Scholarship Award for Academics and Internship (American Embassy Ethiopia, Addis Ababa)
  • Coordinator of Combined Federal Campaign Certificate of Appreciation
  • Study Abroad Program Recipient, Jackson State University Institute of Costa Rica, Costa Rica

Associations and Affiliations:

  • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated
  • 100 Black Men Incorporated
  • National Forum for Black Public Administrators
  • Toastmaster, Competent Toastmaster

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