Chris Petrella (R-NC)

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Chris Petrella

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Christopher “Chris” Petrella

Chris Petrella was a 2012 Congressional Candidate North Carolina District 11


Biography of Chris Petrella from Facebook

We have to put WNC first. Right now nothing is more important than a Paycheck. We have over 40,000 children in this district who go to bed hungry every night. We need to fix the problems here at home, first, then we can look to fixing the country. I am a Constitutional Conservative and I don’t believe the Constitution should be used to ban anything or discriminate against anyone. That was not the… founding fathers intention.
Conservative social issues are what made this country great, but the are not the main issue this election cycle.
The number one priority is creating jobs in the District 11. While it is not the federal governments responsibility to create jobs, it is the responsibility of your Congressman to ensure that policies are put in place and that road blocks to job creation are removed.