Phillip Andrews (D-TX-7)

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Phillip Andrews Congressional Candidate Texas District 7


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Andrews and his wife Diana Atencia are newly married and have lived in the Houston region for decades. They are small business owners. Andrews is President & CEO of Daugherty International and the Firm Manager of the Atencia Law Firm. Between these two firms, Phillip Andrews continues to develop a professional career of solving problems in the most complex of business situations.  Furthermore, as an accounting & tax professional, Phillip understands how government is funded and what must be done to change the direction of the nation. He is frequently exposed to international challenges through his work at Daugherty International Corporation and this provides experience on how the USA impacts the world.

Born in Texas, Phillip was raised in Brookshire and Katy. Andrews attended the University of Saint Thomas (UST) in Houston where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science & Philosophy. He then continued at (UST) for a Masters in Accounting while working in accounting firms. Phillip’s religious faith is within Judaism.

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