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Jeremy Stinson


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Jeremy Stinson Unaffiliated Congressional Candidate Maryland District 5


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Jeremy Stinson is a visionary leader with practical ideas for impractical times. As the youngest of six and only son of a single mother, Jeremy learned early on that there was no substitute for hard work and determination. He recalls his mother working two and three jobs while going to school in hopes of improving herself to better prov…ide for her six children. Through the grace of God, his mother was able to complete a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. Around the time she was retiring from a successful career in the federal government and starting her childhood dream career of being a teacher, Jeremy enlisted in the United States Navy and embarked on a journey of public service which continues to this day.

Jeremy served eight and a half years in the world’s finest Navy as a member of the storied Fighting Seabees. He gained invaluable leadership skills and life experiences that have served him well throughout his career. He advanced very quickly through the enlisted ranks and in the latter portion of his military career was chosen to serve in an elite unit detailed to the United States Department of State, and entrusted to carry out top secret missions throughout the world. He is a veteran of The Global War on Terror, serving in Operations Enduring Freedom and Noble Eagle. He was honorably discharged from the Navy after a successful and decorated career at the age of 27.

Jeremy returned to Maryland in 2005 and settled in the community of Marlton where he purchased his first home in 2002. He now lives there with his wife, Brandi, a Prince George’s County School system administrator and their two children, Christian and Kennedy. While working full time as a project manager in the security field for a government contractor, he went back to school full time using the Montgomery G.I. Bill to attain a Bachelor’s in Management and MBA in Public Administration.

After separating from the Navy, he had a successful stint in the private sector, but the public sector continued to call. He returned to the public sector as a security expert for the United States Marshals Service where he continued in the vein of protecting our country by designing and managing security systems for our nation’s federal courthouses and protecting the federal judiciary.

Jeremy is an experienced entrepreneur with a servant’s heart. He has a natural ability to apply common sense solutions and principles to business, management and leadership methodologies. He founded The Stinson Group, LLC (TSG), a business and management consulting firm. His overarching goal is to better our community by assisting on three fronts; business, careers and personal fiscal responsibility. Along with consulting, TSG provides career coaching, and at no cost to the client – personal financial counseling. He subsequently created a not for profit branch to The Stinson Group – “TSG in Your Community” – which is focused on giving back to the community in a more tangible way. Using this platform, Jeremy speaks at schools, vocational organizations and non-profit forums on topics ranging from youth entrepreneurship to self-empowerment; and organizes or participates in monthly events such as clothing drives or field trips for at risk youth.

Jeremy’s goodwill does not end with free services through his firm; he is also generous with his time and knowledge. He is active in his church, Calvary Baptist Church of Upper Marlboro, MD; the former Director of Outreach with StandUp for Kids – Washington, DC, focused on ending the cycle of youth homelessness in our nation’s capital; and a mentor and speaker with the Boys to Men Empowerment program.

Jeremy has always been interested in politics and recently founded the political activist association, Independent Voters of Maryland (IVMD). IVMD’s mission has three main goals: One is to open primary elections in the state of Maryland; lend support to’s national campaign to persuade Congress to hold hearings on the electoral process; and create a grassroots network of independent voters throughout Maryland and the nation. Jeremy seeks to educate Maryland’s voters about the process that affects their lives on such an integral level.

After much prayer and consultation with his family and friends, he decided to run for Congress in Maryland’s 5th District in the upcoming 2012 elections. It is his goal to promote public policies that will better our society in three major areas; debt & deficit reduction, tax reform, education and workforce training. Jeremy Stinson is representing the people, not the party.

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