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Bob Kern


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Bob “Citizen” Kern

Bobby Kern, 2016 Congressional Candidate Indiana District 2


Biography of Bobby Kern from LinkedIn

[2012 Bio]  “I am running for Congress in the 7th Congressional District right here in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am so looking forward to serving the Indiana Hoosier’s of the 7th Congressional District. This is such a wonderful district to live, work, and just hangout and enjoy the History of Indiana and the great hospitality of the Small Businesses around Indianapolis. Putting Indianapolis Hoosier’s Needs First is the my ultimate goal and with that said I look forward to hearing from you. My question of you the people of Indianapolis, what is the number 1 issue that you find most important that effect you.”

From the Elkhart Truth (2014):




In the 2012 vote, Kern pulled just 5.3 percent of the vote in losing to Carson in the Democratic primary. He also ran for the House from the Indianapolis area in 2010, 2006, 2004, 2002, 2000, 1998 and 1996, sometimes under the name Bob Hidalgo, losing each time.



In 1998, though, he notes he won the Democratic primary and faced off against Republican Dan Burton, eventually losing. The New York Times took note of Kern’s performance that year in an article headlined, “An unlikely candidate rattles the establishment,” as did Businessweek.



Kern, “also known as Bobby Scott Hidalgo, was convicted in 1994 of theft, forgery, and resisting arrest. He defeated the party’s two favored candidates, including a biochemist at Eli Lilly,” Businessweek said. According to the Indianapolis Star, Kern was sentenced to two years in prison in early 2007 for forgery after trying to cash a fake check for $799.56.



Kern, 49, who said he’s a paralegal, acknowledges his past brushes with the law and part of his political agenda is reform allowing restoration of felons’ rights. More to the point, though, Kern said his aim would be to make sure all 2nd District residents were represented. He can identify with the struggles of everyday citizens.



“I’m running because I know that the people in the district want common-sense government. They want no-nonsense government,” said Kern. He put a particular emphasis on aiding the elderly and disabled.


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