Jim Hickey (D-IL-11)

Jim Hickey (D-IL-11)

James P. “Jim” Hickey

Jim Hickey Congressional Candidate Illinois District 11

Biography of Jim Hickey from the Jim Hickey for Congress Campaign

Jim Hickey, 38, Current President of the Orland Fire Protection District, one of the largest fire districts in the nation. During these hard economic times, Hickey has been able to maintain top quality operations, while cutting nearly $2M in wasteful spending in his district’s $30M budget.

Born and raised on the south-side of Chicago in the St. Adrian Parish. Hickey was an only child, whose parents needed to both work full-time, causing him to spend his childhood in the care of his grandparents. Good study habits, work ethics and reminders of the Great Depression, were instilled in Hickey’s mind as a young child. He took on his first job at the age of 8 which was a paper-route, that he continued all through grade school. He played football, baseball and basketball and also was an alter boy. His first actual job in High School was manual labor working at a stone yard. Hickey attended St. Adrian Grammar School, St. Laurence High School in Burbank, IL, and DePaul University.

Hickey’s family came from Ireland in 1850‘s and settled in the Boston, Chicago and Ontario, Canada areas. He has a long line of union workers, going back four generations, over a century, including the Patrolmen’s Union, Firefighter’s Union, IBEW Local 134, Operating Engineers Local 399, Pipe Fitters Union 597, Carpenters Union Local 13, Teamsters Local 705, American Federation of Teachers (AFT), Bricklayers Union, and Painters Union. It would have been expected that he follow in his family’s footsteps, but instead Hickey became an entrepreneur.

Hickey married his high school sweet heart Kristin DePeder, daughter of a well respected Retired Chicago Firefighter, whose roots started in Bridgeport. Together Jim and Kristin have four children. Parenting is a top priority, and being involved with academics and coaching has been a way of life. Jim has coached for nearly a decade, and continues to coach Baseball and Basketball with the Orland Youth Association, and Football with the Orland Pioneer Organization.

Kristin is a Union Member of the NEA/IEA Local A.E.A ; National Education Association (N.E.A.) Kristin currently works with children with Autism. Her passion has been working with children with special needs. Kristin also teaches Religious Education at Our Lady of the Woods Catholic Church.

At the age of 24, Hickey became the Vice-President at a regional investment banking firm, and eventually one of the top producers in this firm. During this career, Hickey learned much about economics and global economies. After the horrific events of September 11th, Hickey started a successful Mortgage and Real Estate Firm. During the Banking Crisis of recent years, both of these firms shut down. Hickey is still a licensed Realtor and Mortgage Originator. Hickey currently works as a Director of Business Development at Peace Village, a local retirement community which includes approximately 300 independent and assisted living individuals. Hickey is able to connect and see the needs of our senior citizens firsthand. With the economic down turn in 2007, Jim and Kristin decided to return to school. They enrolled at DePaul University. Even with full time employment, and a full schedule of their children’s activities, both graduated with honors. Hickey enrolled in 2010 to begin working on his MBA, and will graduate in 2012.

Hickey believes he is the best person to become the next US Congressman for the 11th district, because he brings with the working class mentality, and all the business skills needed to get the economy back on track which includes: JOBS, Protecting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid for our Seniors, Rebuild our Infrastructure, Modernize our Schools, Rid the U.S from Foreign Oil, Invest in Bio-Fuels, Stem Cell Research (Not Embryonic), Student Loans Reform…

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