Email Blast Dodt OH Senate: Statement on Election

David W. Dodt, Sr. (R-OH-Senate)

Email Blast Dodt OH Senate:

Statement on Election

Candidate for the U.S. Senate David W. Dodt Sr.


This election will be the most important election since 1860.  It will be the same people that we were fighting then and were going to be fighting now. It’s the Democrats on the side of slavery again. But this time, their using socialism instead of chains. That is socialism is a form of slavery with fringe benefits. This country is in serious trouble and to be sure and the Democrats have no clue as to what they can do about it. The question bates, do they care at all? We have expert political pundits say, because unemployment is at 8% or higher range that President Obama won’t get re-elected. They forget that Roosevelt was re-elected with over 30% unemployment. So the answer to the question is, NO, the Democrats don’t care. They are betting the farm that all they have to say, to the unemployed is, we control your quality of life and if the stingy Republicans come to power they will reduce the financial support you and your family have been counting on. This statement will drive the unemployed to the poles by the droves.

The election of 2012, in Ohio and the nation will be waged on, I’m for the working man, I’m for the middle class and I’m for the union worker. None of the other candidates in this Republican primary can stand up to this kind of campaign. That includes the Republican Chairman DeWine’s pick of Josh Mandel. Talk about an empty suit. They may have money but when they are hit with the media blitz that will be coming, they will have the same stare as a deer in the headlights. Some Political Thinkers feel that this U.S. Senate election should be run the same way Senator Portman was elected. That was a simple, I’m for jobs campaign. That’s like going to a military war and doing the same simplistic things that were done in the last campaign. The technology has changed, the business atmosphere is different, the unions, after winning the Issue 2 campaign, will be much more active and this is a Presidential Campaign year. Your Republican candidates have to have an answer for, I’m for the middle class, I’m for the working man, and I’m for the union worker. These other Republican candidates running for the Ohio U.S. Senate seat, HAVE NO ANSWER.

I am middle class, a journeyman worker and retired union member. I had a bi-line in my union newspaper call, The Republican View. Then there is also my membership in the Tea Party. These two affiliations scare every Republican, in a leadership position to death, Oh, yes they want our vote. But to actually listen to what were saying and support that person for public office? I can see them now, running into the night screaming. This is exactly what the Republican members of the Ohio Senate did, when Issue 2 was proposed and put on the ballot, thanks to over a million signatures on petitions.

Look, I’m no super hero and I’m not saying I can’t loose this election to Senator Brown. But this I do know, anyone else will absolutely lose this election. Brown will carry the state and so will Obama. That victory will make it much easier for Obama to win a second term. This is where the battle will take place. If you want to re-elect an anti-American, quisling socialist, not letting me into this fight will help the Brown/Obama team tremendously and secure the Democratic Party’s hold on the U.S, Senate.

I’m into this fight all the way. I will not go quietly into the night!

My opinion of standing U.S. Senator Brown is, where ever he is, they should place old newspapers on the floor around him at every political event, because, he’s nothing more than a leftist parrot for Reid, Pelosi and President Obama. He like the President is an academic and also has never functioned in the real world. But he is on the Banking and Economic Policy committees. So he knows who, when and how our economic disaster took place. The question I and other Americans want to know is, when will the people that created this problem be arrested? If a foreign country had done this to us, we would be at war with that country by now. Remember when President Clinton gave a PARDON to some sleazy investment crook, who skipped the country and it just so happened that the wife gave Clinton a big campaign contribution? That is what this whole Wall Street scandal smacks of. Have any of these Wall Street felons given the Democratic Party or Obama’s Re-Election Committee a pay off? Because Eric Holder, the Attorney General, won’t bring anyone involved in this scandal to justice, he and his staff seem to be looking for some small segment of law that would result in prosecuting these people and they seem not to be in any hurry. Maybe because many people feel he’s covering up the kickbacks and pay off’s Obama is getting. Inquiring minds want to know.

My advice to the Attorney General would be, to charge the offenders with a broad charge the way the RICO standard is used on large scale criminal activity. That charge would be Profiteering During a Time of War. Just a thought…


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