Rodger Cook (R-IL-12)

Rodger Cook (R-IL-12)


Rodger Cook Congressional Candidate Illinois District 12


Biography of Rodger Cook from Citizens for Cook


Rodger Cook is no career politician. As a former cop, detective, mayor and private businessman, he knows Washington is broken. Rodger Cook was a small businessman who helped locally-owned community banks invest in the job-creating private sector. Rodger Cook served as mayor of Belleville, where he refused to raise taxes and he kept the city budget balanced, something the folks in Washington could learn from.

Rodger Cook served as a detective in high-profile murder investigations, where he was named “Policeman of the Year” and earned more than a dozen Official Commendations. Rodger Cook helped found the Belleville Teen Center to keep troubled teens off the street and away from drugs and alcohol—with no taxpayer money. He volunteered with the Greater St. Louis Area Fellowship of Christian Athlete’s Board of Directors and was a founding member of the Metro East Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Rodger Cook has lived and worked in the 12th Congressional District his whole life. Raised with his brother and three sisters by a single mother, who worked two jobs, Rodger became a star football player at Belleville East High School, a captain and MVP at Illinois State University and signed as a free agent with the St. Louis Football Cardinals. He and his wife Kathy have five children and five grandchildren.

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