Thomas Barnett (D-IN)

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Thomas Barnett


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Thomas Barnett Congressional Candidate Indiana District 8


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I have large stake in what is happening in Washington D.C. right now. As a voice of the generation that will have to endure the pressures from a mammoth debt of the current and of past Congress‘ it is young Americans, teens, newborns, grandchildren, my age and younger that will be the ones truly burdened by the childish partisan behavior of this Congress.

All my life I have heard “Grow-up pay your bills! “ Paying these bills that Congress keeps adding to daily figuratively on the “backs of child labor.” No member in Congress today seems to care that their children and this the newest American generation have the worst economic outlook on life then the generation of the great depression! As the youngest Congressional candidate, I tell Congress to GROW-UP!

Things must change it is YOUR future, it is MY future, it is OUR future and it is AMERICA’s FUTURE!

I say OUT with the OLD, and IN with the YOUNG!

Education Info


  • Indiana State University
  • Music Education, Vocal Performance

High School:

  • Owen Valley Community High School ’03