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Patrick Murphy, Congressman Florida District 18

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Patrick Erin Murphy

Patrick Murphy 2016 Senatorial Candidate Florida Class III


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[2012 Bio] Congressman Patrick E. Murphy represents Florida’s 18th Congressional district, which includes Martin, St. Lucie, and northern Palm Beach counties. Congressman Murphy currently serves on the prestigious House Committee on Financial Services, where he sits on the Subcommittee on Capital Markets and Government-Sponsored Enterprises as well as the Subcommittee on Domestic and International Monetary Policy. Additionally, Congressman Murphy sits on the House Committee on Small Business, where he serves as the Ranking Member on the Agriculture, Energy, and Trade Subcommittee. He also is a member of the New Democrat Coalition, a group of moderate, pro-business Democrats. Click here for a full list of Congressman Murphy’s committee assignments and caucus memberships.


Murphy is dedicated to working in a bipartisan manner to tackle the many challenges currently facing the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches, the state of Florida, and the nation, chairing several bipartisan caucuses and efforts in Congress, understanding that working together is vital to moving our country forward. To that end, he is a co-chair of the No Labels’ Problem Solvers Group, which is comprised of House and Senate members dedicated to building trust across the aisle. Additionally, Congressman Murphy is the co-founder and co-chairman of the United Solutions Caucus, which is a group of 30 like-minded freshman members, both Democrats and Republicans, who are focused on finding long-term, bipartisan solutions to fiscal issues and helping build relationships across party lines. He recently was ranked as the tenth most independent member among House Democrats, committed to putting the people and the district before party lines.


Congressman Murphy was born and raised in Florida, spending most of his childhood in the Florida Keys. Much of his youth was spent on construction sites of his family-owned construction company, Coastal Construction Group (CCG). CCG was recently named one of the nation’s top “Green Contractors.” His family has been in the construction industry for five generations and Congressman Murphy continued in the industry, working as a day laborer through college and most recently, starting his own small business, Coastal Environmental Services, which specializes in disaster relief and cleanup efforts. In 2010, Congressman Murphy spent six months working in the Gulf of Mexico to help with cleanup efforts following the BP oil spill.


Before starting Coastal Environmental Services, Congressman Murphy earned his B.S. in business administration from the University of Miami, graduating with dual majors in accounting and finance. After graduating, he went to work as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for Deloitte and Touche as an outside auditor of Fortune 500 companies. Congressman Murphy is one of only 10 CPAs currently serving in the House of Representatives.


Congressman Murphy is committed to using his previous private sector experience, both as a CPA and small business owner, to promote common sense, pro-growth policies to cut wasteful spending and create an environment conducive to job growth. That is why in 2013, Congressman Murphy introduced the bipartisan SAVE Acts to cut $230 billion of wasteful government spending. The bills cut spending by eliminating duplication and increasing efficiencies across multiple federal agencies, like managing facilities more efficiently and using bulk buying. As an extension of the SAVE Acts, Murphy proposed and won passage in the House of five amendments that would cut billions in wasteful spending.


Additionally, after taking office, one of the first things Congressman Murphy did was embark on a jobs tour consisting of over 70 meetings, roundtables, and “Congress at Your Company” events with local business leaders and workers. He took many ideas from these conversations and shaped a plan for job growth in the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast, consisting of common sense, pro-growth policies that allow new businesses to gain a solid foothold in a tough economy and give existing businesses the confidence to expand and prosper. For his support of pro-business issues, Congressman Murphy earned the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s prestigious “Spirit of Enterprise” Award for 2013.


As a native Floridian, Murphy also understands the importance of protecting the local environment and the role it plays in the local economy. He is a strong supporter of beach renourishment, inlet dredging, and overall Everglades restoration efforts. These projects not only protect important ecosystems but are found to have a three-to-one return on investment.


Whether it’s protecting the environment, cutting wasteful spending, or creating an environment conducive to job growth, Congressman Murphy understands that bipartisan work is essential to protecting the middle class and the American dream. He is committed to working with members of both parties to find common sense solutions to build a better future for the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches, the state of Florida, and our nation.


Biography of Patrick Murphy from Friends of Patrick Murphy


[2012 Bio] Patrick Murphy currently serves as Vice President of Coastal Environmental Services, which specializes in disaster relief and environmental cleanup. Last year, Patrick spent six months in the Gulf of Mexico leading the company’s efforts to remove oil spilled during the BP disaster. Coastal Environmental is an affiliate of Coastal Construction, one of the leading construction firms in the country and has been named one of the nation’s top “Green Contractors.”


Patrick was born in the Florida Keys and raised in South Florida. He spent much of his early life on construction sites and worked as a day laborer while going to college.  After earning dual Bachelors Degrees from the University of Miami in Accounting and Finance, Patrick joined the respected accounting firm of Deloitte and Touche as a CPA, where he served as an external auditor of Fortune 500 companies.  Patrick is also the Co-Chair of Coastal Cares, which guides the firm’s projects for and large contributions to local and regional charities, such as the Boys & Girls Club of Broward County, United Way, Camillus House, and Education Fund/Teach-A-Thon.


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