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Andrew Straw


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Andrew Ulysses Dwight Straw

Andrew Straw, 2012 Congressional Candidate Indiana District 2

2016: Congressional Candidate Illinois District 8. To see his 2016 bio click here.


Biography of Andrew Straw from Straw for Congress

[2012 Bio]  Birthplace: Camp LeJeune, North Carolina, while his father, Phil Straw, was serving in the U.S. Marine Corps.


Sibling: His brother, Captain Jason Straw, currently serves in the U.S. Air Force as a CCATT nurse and has received many awards for his work saving the lives of blown-up U.S. soldiers on the flights to Germany from Afghanistan.


High School: Northridge, class of 1987. Voted most likely to succeed by his class, along with Tony Byler (a Philadelphia lawyer). National Merit Scholar. National Honor Society.


College: B.A. in English & Philosophy, Political Science minor, Indiana University class of 1992 M.S. in Language Education (English as a Second/Foreign Language) from Indiana University, class of 1995 J.D., (highest mark: Negotiations), Indiana University-Maurer School of Law, class of 1997. He passed the Virginia bar exam in 1999 and the Indiana bar exam in 2002. “Most active student, IU-Bloomington campus,” 1996, Indiana University Student Association


Straw’s first job was at his parents’ butcher shop, The Community Locker in Goshen, Indiana, doing cleanup work and general help packaging and transporting meat.


After Law School, Straw worked for world-famous transportation planner Alan M. Voorhees, a silver star, bronze star, and presidential unit citation winner in WWII. Straw served as Voorhees’ corporate counsel, working on national security, environmental protection, government reform, state records reform, court operations reform, donations to the Library of Congress and Library of Virginia, and donations to Historically Black College, Voorhees College, in South Carolina. While working for Voorhees, Straw clerked for a trial judge on a triple-murder trial and served on the Virginia State Bar’s Task Force on Technology. Voorhees founded the Council for Excellence in Government, which had Presidents Ford, Carter, Bush, and Clinton as honorary board chairs. Straw received advanced government management training at the Council with Health & Human Services executive managers (GS-15s).


Straw provided legal services for Autometric, where Voorhees was chairman of the board. Autometric provides the global intelligence system that keeps American air transport safe and American military planes safe overseas. Autometric is credited with the beginnings of Google Earth. Straw provided legal and business analysis support for Voorhees’ investment in Lizardtech. The technology at Lizardtech was used in the FBI’s fingerprint database to compress and encrypt the images. Straw also worked on e-government projects, like Voorhees’ work creating the world’s largest Internet map resource at the Library of Congress. Straw negotiated with the Virginia Supreme Court, state legislators, and local government on Voorhees’ behalf. In a white paper, Straw proposed a case management system for trial courts similar to one later adopted at the Indiana Supreme Court. Straw helped a small Internet Services Provider, Sylvan Internet, to get access to the large telecom provider’s networks, enabling broadband Internet in this rural area.


Straw also worked as an analyst at the Indiana Supreme Court, helping with the Court’s e-government programs, and performing statistical analysis on all 400+ Indiana trial courts’ case data. These analyses were used by the Court and state legislature to determine where new courts would be placed, and senior judges appointed, reducing court caseloads and improving justice across the state. Straw focused his efforts on the disabled, getting a trial judge software to help with his vision impairment. He also consulted the Indiana deaf community in designing a courtroom transcript automation system to make courtrooms accessible.


He managed the program and helped international judges and lawyers to learn the American legal system, providing advice and assistance. Straw was active while living in New Zealand from 2003-2010, providing legal research to two New Zealand law firms on family law, human rights, civil rights, and senior law. He provided research to the University of Otago for several years. Straw was active in the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand and was elected as a regional co-convenor (equivalent to a congressional district chair).


Straw provided pro bono legal advice to the South Bend and Elkhart Occupy groups in 2011.