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Chris Pareja California District 13

Biography from Chris Pareja for Congress

First, let me thank all of you who participated in the campaign to defeat Pete Stark. I have been continuously humbled to see how many people (most of whom were strangers at the beginning of this process) were willing to give of their time, talents and treasure to help get this job done. THANK YOU.

Many people are disappointed with the outcome of this race. Many of you gave your heart and soul. You are physically and emotionally tired. And to top it off, even while the rest of the country voted to elect candidates that leaned more toward individual liberty, job creation and fiscal sanity, California made a harder left turn in the opposite direction.

Personally, I wish the outcome for my race and the races all over California was different. But, I knew going in that running as a write-in and going against the “machine” was going to be difficult. I have said repeatedly that my end goal is not to be a politician. Running for Congress is an end to a means. My end goal is to fight tyranny and save this country and state.

The way I see it, we have two options. We can give up and quietly wait for each of our individual liberties, jobs, homes and finances to be lost or we can come up swinging. I choose to not only continue the fight, but to accelerate the speed with which we build an army. Now is not the time to rest. We have had the last few days to do that. Now we move to the next phase.

I have shared with many of you that whether I won or lost on Tuesday that I would work with existing leaders to build a Northern California conservative coalition with the goal of educating and mobilizing the masses. Part of the reason California is in the shape it is in is that progressives whose goal is to move us toward a state of total government control are very organized and well-funded.

Conservative groups have been self-funded and inefficient. Many of us are new to political activism and haven’t been sure how to participate effectively. Plus, there have been too many attacks from the inside of the conservative movement toward other participants on the same side. We cannot tolerate that type of behavior if we want to take back the country and state.

In order to win this fight, we will need to put some personal differences of opinion aside and unite for the common cause. I am looking for patriots to join me in this fight. I need leaders and participants from the following types of groups (and others that I missed) to work with me to build this coalition: conservatives, all political parties, Tea Parties, 912 groups, churches, pro-life groups, advocates for legal immigration, 2nd amendment protectors, and anyone interested in protecting individual liberties and resisting government involvement in every aspect of our lives.

Will we agree on every issue? NO! But we need to welcome opposing viewpoints, even when the discussions get heated, or we will lose this country. When our founders met to give birth to this country, the conversation was not always polite, but the result was the greatest country in the world.

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