John David Anderson (R-OH-10)

John David Anderson (R-OH-10)

John David Anderson Congressional Candidate Ohio District 10

Biography of John David Anderson from John Anderson for Congress 2012


Understands the System

John has dedicated more than 30 years to serving his country as a civilian United States Air Force acquisition logistics and sustainment manager. He has seen how government works, from the inside out. He understands the processes and how to work within the system to effect change. And in fact, he was responsible for the establishment of new purchasing procedures that saved countless amounts of taxpayers’ dollars (hundreds of millions) in Air Force spending, often at great sacrifice to his personal career, due to his willingness to challenge the status quo and persuade those in power.

Uniquely Qualified

John is a uniquely qualified candidate in this district since he combines extensive experience in military acquisition and logistics, service in federal bureaucracy, and actual experience in managing and saving taxpayers’ funds (unlike most federal bureaucrats). John also possesses a Top Secret/SCI security clearance, which means he has been entrusted with safeguarding America’s vital national security interests. His reputation is that he “thinks outside of the box” to get things done.


Acquisition Logistics and Program Management Certified Level 3 professional. Extensive Air Force System program office acquisition logistics experience in F-16, B-1B, and C-17 program offices in front line acquisition support specializing in support equipment requirements definition, depot maintenance requirements, and acquisition. Extensive Supply Management and Depot Maintenance.

Specialist Staff Experience in both HQ AFMC and ASC policy and procedures. Currently employed as a contractor consultant at ASC for logistics support of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems.


JULY 2009 to PRESENT, 40 Hours/Week
HJ FORD, ASIP Logistics Senior Manager
Daryl Kitchin, Air Force Government Supervisor

NOV 2008 to APRIL 2009, 40 Hours/Week
KForce, C-17 Logistics Consultant
C-17 Post Production Shutdown Planning Program
Bruce Brooker, Air Force Government Supervisor

APR 2005 to FEB 2008, 40 Hours/Week
Chief of Logistics, Sensors Squadron,
ASC, 303 Aeronautical Systems Wing, YC-02
659 AESS/LG, U.S. Air Force, WPAFB, OHIO
Jerome Yates, Supervisor

JAN 2000 to MAR 2005, 40 Hours/Week
Depot Maintenance Specialist, GS-301-13
Major Gray-Supervisor

Assigned as the Command OPR for Depot maintenance material policies and procedures. Served as the AFMC/LGD command OPR for the G005M Bill of Materials (BOM) system. Served as the Industrial Prime Vendor (IPV) Program manager responsible for direct consumable delivery support for all ALC depot maintenance production lines.

FEB 1995 to JAN 2000, 40 Hours/Week
Supervisory Supply Mgt Spec, GS-2003-13
Colonel Joe Corcoran, Supervisor

Duties/Accomplishments-Assigned as the HQ AFMC/LGS focal point for all Prime Vendor and Direct Vendor Delivery (DVD) projects; Led and directed the development of the successful Industrial Prime Vendor (IPV) program at OC-ALC, OO-ALC, and WR-ALC. Personally ensured all ALC IPV test customer requirements were incorporated prior to DLA contract award. The IPV program was declared a total success and was deployed in support of all Air Force depot organic supported weapon systems including all of our cargo aircraft (I.E. C-130, C-17). Personally negotiated the MOA with AFGE Council 214 to allow the IPV test to proceed with the union as a full partner in evaluating the success/failure of the IPV test program; Led and supervised the AFMC Base Supply A-76 study program; Served as the AFMC/LG functional OPR for the Government Purchase Card (GPC) program and personally wrote the AF GPC procedures (approved by HQ USAF) allowing use of the credit card to procure weapon system parts not being supported through the wholesale supply system. Served as the functional policies and procedures manager for the AF RDT&E logistics material control activities (LMCAs) responsible for the material support of AF laboratories and test centers and established new criteria for the annual LMCA award; Served as the AFMC focal point for Air Force Project Code assignments, and initiated action to place the status of approved AF project codes on the Internet while ensuring their availability to only authorized military users. Also served as acting LGSP chief periodically prior to being reassigned by AFMC/LG to LGP/LGD organizations.

FEB 1994 to FEB 1995, 40 Hours/Week
Acquisition Log Staff Manager, GS-346-13

Duties/Accomplishments-Assigned to the ASC/AL staff as the IPT lead to completely redesign, restructure, and streamline the Air Force Support Equipment acquisition and contract change proposal processes; the SE Redesign IPT team developed the SE Requirements Definition and Acquisition by Capability concept as well as the electronic ESERD processing method to eliminate unnecessary paperwork and ensure acquisition of integrated SE requirements for all maintenance levels. Personally led the effort to reduce average ASC CCP processing time by at least a year through elimination and consolidation working with other ASC functional managers in CM, FM, and PK organization; both redesigned processes were approved by the ASC Commander.

DEC 1990 to FEB 1994, 40 Hours/Week
C-17 SE and Depot Div chief, GS-346-13
U.S. Air Force, C-17 SPO, ASC/YCLS, WPAFB, OH
Keith Ferguson, Supervisor

Duties/Accomplishments-Assigned to C-17 SPO as SE Division and Depot Acquisition chief as B-1B program deployments were completed. Again responsible for overall approval and acquisition of all C-17 SE requirements. Initiated a complete breakout acquisition of follow on C-17 base level CFE SE requirements when C-17 prime contractor failed to address follow on C-17 site activation requirements. All follow-on C-17 CFE SE was procured directly from McDonnell Douglas vendors and small business contractors bypassing the prime contractor. Breakout program was declared a huge success since all the O&I level CFE SE was procured, delivered, and aggregated so all operational C-17 bases would possess their full contingent of base level SE as they activated. Developed the ILS support capability by subsystem requirements definition and acquisition strategy for the C-17.

JAN 1983 to DEC 1990, 40 Hours/Week
B-1B SPO Support Equipment Ch, GS-346-12, 13
U.S. Air Force, B-1B SPO, ASC/B1LHS, WPAFB, OH
Lt Col Fred Pumroy, Supervisor

Duties/Accomplishments-Served initially as B-1B Support Equipment Acquisition Manager for all Avionics requirements for all levels of maintenance; Approved and processed all avionics SE requirements including Test Program Sets (TPSs); Led effort to break out depot TPS development by the ALCs and small business contractors in lieu of awarding whole program to prime contractors; Eventually was assigned to the overall B-1B SPO SE division chief position responsible for the approval, acquisition, and delivery of all B-1B support equipment at all levels of maintenance. Managed and chaired countless B-1B Pre-Serd reviews working with depot personnel, primarily those assigned to the Tinker B-1B SSM division.

JUN 1980 to JAN 1983, 40 Hours/Week
F-16 O&I Level Support Equipment Acquisition Program Manager, (F-16 SPO)
U.S. Air Force, F-16 SPO, ASC/YPA, Acquisition Logistics Division
Colonel John Rutledge, Supervisor

Duties/Accomplishments-Processed/Approved all F-16 O&I level SE Requirements for United States Air Force, European Participating Government (EPG), and FMS customers including the Israelis and Egyptians; Ensured all CFE and GFE SE requirements were procured and delivered in time to support worldwide F-16 site activations; managed all base level peculiar SE acquisition proposals; chaired SE Assessment group meetings with customers to develop and approve workarounds when SE would not be available at site activation.

B.A. , Political Science, History, Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio, USA, 1974, GPA 3.40, 186 Hours, Quarter

Acquisition Logistics APDP Level 3 certified
Program Management APDP Level 3 Certified

HQ AFMC/LG Category III Civilian of the Quarter 2004, May 2004


National Rifle Association (NRA) Member
Member of Springfield Ohio Browns Backers worldwide fan club supporting Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Salvation Army
Long Time Supporter of Ohio Right to Life

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