Mission Statement

Tea Party Cheer is to become a central place for information and news about the Tea Party Movement. In other words, this is to become an online news site.

We will offer content without a fee, open to all to commit, about events, workshops, rallies, and news of the day.

We will only edit content for language, in other words, no profanity or other derogatory statements shall be allowed. We are not a progressive site. However, if you are posting on something someone else said and there is a link with complete content includes that. Example: 5 minute rant by Senator Harry Reid and there is a link on You Tube, include that so that reader will see that you are not taking the Senator out of context.

We will promote the ideals that our founders based our founding documents upon.

We will not endorse any candidate, campaign, or group. For example; when we list candidates, we shall list all parties and candidates that running for an office. However; we SHALL NOTE all that are receiving support from any know Tea Party Group(s), and any statement as to why they support the candidate(s). We shall provide information as to candidates’ positions and how those positions concur with or oppose the ideals of our founding fathers.

We encourage Tea Party organizes to have members post statements as to why they support candidates. We also encourage candidates or campaign supports to post information on why they support their positions.

People wishing to submit content may do so by signing up. At this address:  https://teapartycheer.com/wp-login.php?action=register

  1. Content will be edited and permitted based on language, see above.
  2. Author must credit source of material, unless submitting an opinion. Ex. (Name State) Senate Bill 2025-194 or AP reported on …
  3. Location information must be included if relevant. Ex. Washington, DC or Washington, PA… As a name may pertain to several locations in the country this information is important.
  4. As we promote “Free Speech” we shall allow opinion pieces and at times articles or other, that we are opposed.

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