Press Release V Robinson NC08: $329,000 is more than $260,000

Vernon Robinson (R-NC-8)


February 1, 2012

Concord, NC – Vernon Robinson, conservative candidate for Congress in NC-8 is pleased to announce that his fundraising in the campaign thus far has been extraordinarily successful. Here are the numbers for the fourth quarter and the total for the campaign so far:

4th Quarter 2011 Total

Vernon Robinson          $153,000           $329,000

Dan Barry                     $42,000             $125,000

Fred Steen                    $20,000             $20,000

Scott Keadle                 $58,000             $103,000

John Whitley                 $28,000             $28,000

Richard Hudson            $260,000           $260,000

Vernon Robinson to date has raised $329,000, more than any of his opponents in the eighth district race. This achievement is all the more stunning when it is realized that Vernon has roughly 5,000 individual contributors.

Richard Hudson has plenty of friends, but they are from all the wrong places, namely, in and around Washington DC. A quick look at Hudson’s report shows that the vast majority of his contributions are coming from bureaucrats, political insiders, and special interest PACs in Washington.

Vernon Robinson has over four times the number of contributors from North Carolina than Richard Hudson has.

The race for Congress in the eighth district of North Carolina is clearly coming down to a race between a Washington insider, Richard Hudson, and a grassroots conservative, Vernon Robinson.

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