Email Blast Gill CA09: McNerney Celebrates 3rd Anniversary of Stimulus

Ricky Gill (R-CA-9)

February 20, 2012

McNerney Celebrates 3rd Anniversary of Stimulus

This month marks the third anniversary of Bay Area politician Jerry McNerney’s vote in favor of an $800 million stimulus bill that has failed the people of the 9th Congressional District. After three years, it’s worth examining exactly how McNerney’s record on the economy–including his vote for the stimulus and false promises on green jobs–has failed our communities:

  • McNerney has failed to curb our devastating unemployment problem. Today, the unemployment rate in San Joaquin County is roughly 16% — twice what it was when McNerney was elected. When McNerney took office, 24,600 people were unemployed in San Joaquin County. At the end of 2011, five years into McNerney’s tenure, they numbered 47,500.

So much for making San Joaquin County an “economic powerhouse,” as McNerney pledged in 2006.

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