Janice Arnold-Jones (R-NM-1)

Janice Arnold-Jones Congressional Candidate New Mexico District 1

Janice Arnold-Jones (R-NM-1)

Biography from Janice Arnold-Jones for Congress

Janice Arnold-Jones is a proven lawmaker who understands how to get things done.

“Lady Sunlight”

During her four terms as a state representative, she stood up for the people of New Mexico demanding access, transparency and accountability.

Frustrated by backroom deals, Janice made history by bringing a webcam to the Legislature. The press dubbed her “Lady Sunlight” for the move. Her courage and determination were recognized by the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government, which honored her with the William S. Dixon First Amendment Freedom Award. And the state’s only conservative think tank, the Rio Grande Foundation, awarded her its Lights of Liberty Award.

Tax Fighter

As a State Representative, Janice followed her conscience, voting against imposing more taxes on working families and small businesses and against tax breaks for special interest groups.

She refused to vote for the Legislature’s 2010 tax increases and issued this statement:

“Raising taxes at a time when New Mexicans are struggling to pay their bills, and businesses are trying to keep their doors open, is unacceptable and is guaranteed to destroy jobs and raise unemployment…”

And she voted against preferential tax treatment for some, believing that companies and individuals alike should be able to expect fair treatment under the law.

In 2010, Janice chose not to seek re-election and instead ran for governor. She discovered how desperately New Mexico needed a statewide media outlet, which led her to host a daily conservative talk radio show (New Mexico Now) with links to affiliate stations around the state. Through the show, she brought more important issues to light.

Military Wife

Janice grew up as the daughter of a U.S. Air Force officer, who died on active duty. She married Navy Commander John L. Jones (retired). As a military wife for more than 20 years, she knows firsthand the sacrifices and challenges our military families face today.

As a legislator, Janice helped secure funding for the Albuquerque Veterans’ Memorial. On June 25, 2011, she was a keynote speaker at a ceremony commemorating the 61st anniversary of the start of the Korean War, her father’s war. She praised Korean War veterans for their sacrifice.

Business Leader, Energy Executive

Janice is a strong advocate for business and the American entrepreneurial spirit. As a former business owner, Janice believes the federal government must stop driving our companies and our industries overseas with high taxes and over-reaching regulations.

Janice has more than a decade of experience in information technology and energy, key areas that will determine the nation’s economic future.

She is a senior executive with EnergySolutions, an international nuclear services company that works to help the United States and other countries achieve energy security while reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment.

Janice’s knowledge of energy issues makes her uniquely qualified to represent New Mexico’s interests in Congress – especially the critical missions of Sandia National Laboratories and Kirtland Air Force Base. She understands they are engines for technology innovation and job growth, both for New Mexico and the nation.

In Congress, she will defend these institutions that are so vital to both our economy and our national security.

Send a Proven Open Government Conservative to Congress

Why am I Running for Congress

I have been privileged to serve our country and our community in many ways over the past 35 years. After running for Governor, I thought we would be able to take advantage of some quiet time, tend my garden, focus on our family, travel and then THIS.

The Nation, collectively, has seemingly lost its way and it faces a clear and present danger to its very existence and our way of life.

It is time to return to common sense and employ conservative principles to restore our Nation and move away from the brink of disaster. That means placing Servants in Washington, not those who see themselves as Masters or master powerbrokers.

As our national debt skyrockets, many New Mexicans are out of work, and those with jobs are struggling to make ends meet and provide for their families. But Washington bureaucrats are so out of touch, they have initiated a costly takeover of healthcare, advanced economy-killing energy policies, added more mandates by regulation, and have driven our private sector economy and jobs out of the country or out of business.

We must change course!

Washington insiders are not listening. Now is your chance to send someone to Congress who will listen. I am running for Congress to represent you, the citizens of the 1st Congressional district, and your families. I have the skill and the will to fight for your interests against entrenched political powerbrokers, just as I did in the New Mexico Legislature, and as I did wherever we lived during my husband‚ Johns career in the Navy.

Together, we can send some common sense to Washington!

Together, we can change the course of history.

Experienced Lawmaker

Janice is an experienced lawmaker who understands the process required to get things done. She served in the New Mexico House of Representatives (District 24) from 2002 to 2010.

She served on two legislative committees: Taxation and Revenue, and Voters and Elections. Her interim committee assignments included: Blue Ribbon Tax Commission, Election Reform Task Force, Revenue Stabilization and Tax Policy, Information Technology and Oversight, and New Mexico Finance Authority Oversight.

She also served as the Vice Chair of the Council of State Governments – West committee on Western Legislatures and was appointed Vice Chair of the Trade and Transportation Committee.

In keeping with her principled stand for transparency, Janice exposed mismanagement of state bonds by the New Mexico Regional Housing Authority.

And with her background in information technology, she raised awareness of the inability of state agencies, law enforcement and first responders to coordinate in emergencies due to the lack of telecommunications infrastructure in New Mexico – an important border security issue.

List of past campaigns (as candidate and elected):

  • Candidate for Congress (1st Congressional District), 2012
  • Candidate for Governor, 2010
  • State Representative (District 24), 2002-2010

Past and present community involvement. (10 Years)

  • Administrative Manager, EnergySolutions, 1999-Current
  • Radio Talk Show Host, 1550 KIVA, 2009-2010
  • Chief Coach, American Youth Soccer Organization, 1997-2004

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