Press Release R Gonzalez TX14: Robert Gonzalez Sweeps Texas Straw Poll

Robert Gonzalez (R-TX-14)

For immediate release

January 16, 2012

Robert Gonzalez Sweeps Texas Straw Poll

Robert Gonzalez, one of 10 congressional candidates running for Ron Paul’s retiring seat, won both the text poll and paper ballot votes in the Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll held at Minute Maid Park January 12-14, 2012.

Gonzalez won the text poll votes with 39.3% of the votes and the paper ballot votes with 62.6% of
the votes.
Gonzalez, born in Cuba, immigrated to America in 1967, legally.  He and his family escaped Castro’s communist regime to a Country where they can be free.
Robert is running for US Congress because he sees some of the same things happening in America that began the Socialist takeover of Cuba.

Gonzalez says, “A man should not lose two countries in a lifetime.”  He is ready to go to Washington to fight for “We the People” and bring Constitutional values back to this Country that we once held so dear.

For more information about Robert Gonzalez, visit [or see links at the top of page.]

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